Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lewis Farms shoot

Adding some color to my photos!

Last fall at Agribition Ken Lewis, and old family friend of ours, and I started talking about my job. Ken was really interesting in working with my boss and I on a video the following summer. I was super excited when the details all came together because 1. it meant a trip home and 2. I spent the first six years of my life on Lewis Farms when mom and dad were managers there. 

Right after the World Angus Forum I headed out to Spruce Grove to meet up with Jordan. The first day we traveled to the Sangudo place, which is about a hour northwest of the home farm. It had been a long time since I had been up in that part of the country and it is still beautiful. You can't beat Canadian summers. No humidity, trees, canola in bloom, clouds and it says light out until ten o'clock. 

It was also great to see some Simmental cattle. Most of my time is spent shooting Angus, and don't get me wrong of have seen some awfully good Angus cows this year. Simmental are the closest to my heart though!

The calves looked awesome. Especially, some bull calves out of a specific sire group. I am not going to give the name away because now it is Jordan, Kyle's and my little secret. You'll just have to take a trip out there yourself to see how things look. 

Welcome Back !

I have been MIA for awhile... SORRY!

This summer has been crazy! I am afraid to even add up all the miles I have been on, and I know I can't count all the flights I have made using both my fingers. In saying this though it has been awesome to travel from state to state and even home to Canada. Slowly, I will be working on filling you in on all of my adventures! They might not fall into a chronological order somethings too exciting to save until the end. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting ready to hit the road

Two and half suitcases will hopefully be enough!

So I have kind of been on a hiatus from my blog. This is not a good thing because I do have lots to report, and hopefully I will get a few of those up here in the coming days.

Today, I am headed home to Alberta for some time with the family, the World Angus Forum and a video shoot at Lewis Farms. From there I will fly to Georgia for the National Junior Angus Show. I am really excited about both trips and can't wait to see many of my blog followers!

To hold you over I have posted a video of clips from last year's NJAS. Hope you enjoy!

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