Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sometimes Life Moves in a Different Direction

If there is one promise in life nothing stays the same for very long. At the beginning of the year, we bought the bowling alley in our small town. In 36 years of life if you ever asked me if I would own a bowling alley I who have laughed hysterically, and yet it has been an incredible decision. Well, here we are eight months later and I am about to say something that I never thought would happen either... 

We are selling the farm and cattle. 

And despite how shocking this is, it absolutely feels like the right decision for our family. Jon and I are entrepreneurs at heart, which is a blessing and curse. In the past five years we have launched five businesses in addition to the farm. We simply can't do it all anymore. 

I grew up with cattle. My family has raised cattle for generations. It is in our DNA. Cattle are what brought Jon to agriculture. He didn't touch a cow until he was 14 years old and it completely changed his life. When life brought us together we wanted to continue raising cattle. We knew one day we wanted to have kids and those kids would grow up on our farm, but some things are in the cards. So we pivoted and we thought we'll raise show heifers and steers and take those kids under our wings. The problem is with the show livestock industry you can't be only one foot in if you are going to do it right, and I think we have already established time is something we don't have enough of. The cows are too good and the farm is too beautiful for them to not be fulfilling their purpose. The sunsets on our farm are too gorgeous for someone not to be there enjoying them. 

But we know there are other avenues to fulfill our purpose - making an impact on kids and communities. What we didn't know was a bowling alley would be the perfect way for this stage of our life. 

We are so blessed we called that farm our home for nine years, and the cows have been here for 15 years, but now someone else is going to be incredibly blessed. 

The good news is we won't be going far. Over to the other side of town on an acreage lot across from the golf course. It is 4.2 acres of unlimited possibilities and we'll be building a brand new home together. Well, someone else will be building it for us. Although we have learned LOTS of new skills during the bowling alley remodel we think it is best to still leave it up to the professionals. 

Thanks for coming along on the journey with us. These chapters have been the best, and the next ones are going to be incredible. 

p.s. if you are interested in owning an incredible herd of cattle or a beautiful farm be sure to reach out to us or view the listing. The 3D walkthrough of the barn and the house and pretty darn cool. 

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