Friday, February 26, 2010

A Show Jock at Heart

It gets in your blood. 

I live in town now, I have girlie hands that get ripped apart when I do gret onto a farm, and this is the worst part - if I had to blow dry more than four head of cattle my arm would probably be sore. I can hear my sister now - wimp.

However, that doesn't mean I don't miss showing and working with my cattle like crazy. Agribition, in November, is my once a year try and remember how to clip and fit session. And surprisingly I can still clip a top pretty good. The point of this blog is that it's Kansas Beef Expo this weekend, among many other jackpot shows and beef expos, and I won't be attending. 1. Because I don't even know hardly any of the young kids anymore (that makes me feel old), and it's no fun when you don't have a tack box to go sit on, and 2. I have Eby's bull sale and a wedding this weekend.

I did find these cute by T-shirts by Livestock Show Girls, and I wanted to share them with you, just incase you are hitting the show road this weekend.

p.s. I know I am getting more and more non-agriculture or non cattle people following my blog. If something doesn't make sense or you have a  question please email me or post your question. I love hearing from you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A quote to live by

Frank Martin you are the man.

Today there was a great article in the K-State Collegian, and interview with basketball coach Frank Martin. (On a side note the last two times I have had lunch in Manhattan Frank has shown up or been there, and no I am not stalking. But I digress).

This is the quote that impacts me.
People get caught up in saying... well it’s not about winning. No. If it’s not about winning, they wouldn’t keep score. It is about winning. Life is about winning. If you’re not going to get out of bed and go win, then you’re going to fail, so you’d better understand how to deal with winning and deal with losing. That’s what life’s about.

I think we sometimes candy coat stuff, add too much fluff. The thing is I want to successful, I want to win, I don't hid that from anyone. To me being successful doesn't mean I have a bank account full or money or a bunch of toys, it means that I will have determination, an a work ethic to push me to the top.

It is kind of like my Image Doesn't Matter post.

Toughest Little Cowboy

Mutton Bustin' at its finest

So I am sure that you have all seen those little kids climb onto a sheep at your local fair and hang on for dear life as the ewe takes off across the pen. Maybe you did it yourself when you where a little tyke, but did you ever consider going pro?

Last weekend, I had the chance to witness RFD-TV's mutton bustin' competition, Wool Warriors, held in conjunction with the PBR. During the afternoon boys and girls, seven years old and younger, weighing no more than 60 lbs. had the chance to qualify for the top 20 spots, and then compete that night in the <>Dallas Cowboys Stadium. We are talking helmets, chaps, cowboys boots, mini bucking chutes kind of action.

The riders were scored on time and skill, just like the real cowboys. You should have seen the little guys hang on, and when they were finally plucked from their ewe they would rip their hockey helmet off and pump it in the air. A couple even threw it like they had seen their heroes throw their cowboy hats after an awesome ride, one little boy even did a bum shake.

I had a feeling my little cousin will be dragging his mom and dad across the state line, and be joining the circuit if he finds out about this.

Hanging on for dear life. 

This little girl was the champion. The trophy was twice as big as her. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beef on a Budget - Because I love Beef!

Spreading the message

Yes, facebook can eat a lot of your precious time, however it is also an amazing way to spread a message. Last night I noticed that a lot of my friends were joining a fan group called Beef on a Budget. Well curiosity got the cat and I checked it out. Two girls, by the names of Amy Brown and Anna-Lisa Gianni have started a blog to let you know how you can support your daily zinc, iron and protein intake by eating beef the easy way. They are directing their message to those that live in town and college students that don't have access to mom and dad's freezer anymore. I am so jealous of my sister that she still does!

Be sure to check out their blog, especially sine we are wrapping up the last few days of I Heart Beef month. You can also check out for lots of great recipes.

It's easy to start a blog and begin communicating with consumers. If you need help getting your start just ask!

Monday, February 22, 2010

K-State Legacy Sale - giving back

As promised. 

In the last seven days I have been able to give back twice to my Alma Mater. Each year K-State hosts a Telefund to raise money for various scholarships and endowments. They expect to raise $1.5 million dollars this year, and College of Ag alumni are always huge supporters. Last year, was the first time that I was on the donating end of the phone call. It was a pretty exciting feeling to know that I now had a chance to give back to K-State! This year I had a sweet freshman girl from California call me. Of course I made her tell me about her major, and back ground and why she choose K-State. Can't let them get off the hook easy! And then I made my donation, which I asked to be put towards to K-State Livestock Judging Teams Endowment Fund (working on that 101 in 1001 list!)

And now today, I have finally wrapped up the K-State Legacy Bull Sale video. The day we did the cattle part it was absolutely freezing, nevertheless I returned with all hands and toes. If you are looking to purchase a bull or replacement females this spring, consider supporting your university. These dollars go back into the schools program, creating more hand on learning experiences for the next generation of agriculturists, plus it gives you access to some awesome genetics.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just add Jerry Jones, Gary Allan and a PBR Bull Riding

One lucky girl! 
A lot of time goes into my job. Probably sometimes too much. But I really love what I do and the people I work with, and the opportunities that I am presented with. Like me being getting to head to Dallas this past weekend for a tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, PBR bull riding and Gary Allan concert - all within a 12-hour span.

Because of our success with the I am Angus program that aired on RFD-TV this January our PR and Communications Team was invited to join RFD-TV at this event they were hosting. I took a million pictures, but that stadium is hard to describe because it's just so dang big and cool.

Me standing on the floor of the stadium. See that big thing hanging on my neck - that was my all access pass. 

This is the PBR Championship trophy. All the bull riders came out of the same hall that the football players would, and we got to slap hands as they ran out onto the dirt. Then one of the highlights of the night happened. Some of the RFD-TV crew was wanting their picture taken with the cup, so I offered to take it for them. Right as I was about to take the photo Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, walked by and they asked Jerry to be in the picture, and he said yes! I took the official RFD-TV group photo with Jerry Jones in it. Almost as good as having your picture taken with Jerry.

Before the rodeo, we got to go on the dirt to watch the Gary Allan concert. He has been one of my favorites since I was little. 

The floor was divided into two arenas, and they did a bracket format. This was the arena that was the further away from us. That place is huge!

This is the screen. It cost more than what the previous home of the Cowboys, Texas Stadium, cost to build. The new stadium cost was $1.2 billion dollars.

And me with some ridiculously gorgeous girls. I was so excited to meet them. I like to consider myself more of a natural beauty ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

A great message from the rancher to the consumer

A lifestyle we wouldn't trade.

No matter how hard HSUS or PETA try to tell you otherwise I care about the food that your family eats, because my friends and I are raising that food. And if I am willing to feed my family those products, you can rest assure it is safe for yours too.

This video below was done for Becky and Arlen Sawyer, Angus breeders from Bassett, Nebraska. They were able to raise their family on the ranch and help feed families across the country at the same time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I may be Canadian, but tonight Shaun White is my hero


If you want to get your heart pounding just watch Shaun White go for the gold medal. There is nothing like it, there is nothing like him. All the other run that seems great, become dwarfed by Shaun's awesomeness. He's great.

But how does one get to this level. Why there very own private half-pipe. According to All Things Colorado Sports, Red Bull stepped up to the plate, last year and started construction the half million dollar half pipe located in Silverton, Colorado.

Just check out this masterpiece.

And for more footage on the building of the half pipe and Shaun testing it out go to Project X, there is some awesome footage.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Agriculture has a new team player -

HSUS we are watching you.

Today I cam across a brilliant new blog, that promises to keep a watchful eye on Humane Society of the Untied States (HSUS). Sometimes you can lose your mind trying to wade through all the press releases, blogs, facebook groups searching for information on the animal rights movement. Well, in my opinion I think this guy might have gotten it right. The website contains a blog, library of documents, and a list of organizations and people we should all be keeping our eyes on. Today they have a great article on HSUS's new Vegan Dog Food. I thought dog's were carnivore's.

p.s. This week I am in board meetings, so the posts might not be quite as long or regular, but I am so happy you keep on coming back!

Monday, February 15, 2010

And this is how the Olympics feel

Oh, Canada!

So I had a pretty proud moment last night. Canada finally was able to win a gold medal on home soil. Something that had never been done. Tbaugh and I were watching the Olympics and we decided there is something pretty magical about them. Every year you can try and win the Super Bowl, all while getting paid millions of dollars to do it. Meanwhile these Olympic athletes give up everything for a shot every four years.

I was telling Tbaugh how much a gold medal in hockey would mean to Canada. The best way to put it is if we get to stand on that podium, and watch our flag rise, the whole nation will stop and sing the national anthem. It means more than a lot to us. It's really hard to describe. But that feeling makes you well up with pride.

I love this video of the crowds reaction after they realize that Mogul Skier Alexandre Bilodeau had secured the gold.

High Country Cattle, Yellowfail and the Olympics

Just a quick note...

So I realized today that Old Man Winter plans on sticking around for as long as possible. It was COLD out today, and I got to feel it firsthand as we wrapped up the 2010 K-State Legacy Bull Sale video.

Calving is going well at home Dad says I have a cracker jack of a bull calf. I am just happy for an alive calf. My luck hasn't been so hot the past couple of years. You can see some of the new calves on my parents blog. I can't wait to get home in March to see the new babies.

If you are looking for your Agriculture Advocacy intake for the day you might check out the facebook group Yellowfail. This fan page was created in response to Yellowtail's $100,000 donation to HSUS (an anti-agriculture group, that uses homeless dogs and kitty cats as their front). Remember to stop buying Yellowtail wine products, and support a Canadian or U.S. winery.

And p.s. if you haven't figured it out yet the Olympics are on! My sister has been doing a great job of recapping the Olympics each day on her blog. I wore my bright red CANADA shirt to work on Friday. I can't wait for the men's hockey to start, the women are so far crushing their opponents! And I was super pumped/proud to watch Alexandre Bilodeu claim the gold medal in moguls for Canada. It was our first gold of the games, and the first gold win for a Canada on home turf.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am a proud Farm Girl/Boy Clothing

Telling the world who I am.

Love it this stuff! Today I came across I really cool line of clothing called Farm Boy Brand. Obviously, these guys are in touch with their agriculture side because they have created products that speak to those who grew up on the farm, but still want to be fashionable. I have posted a few pictures, but really you need to visit their website because they have tons to offer in both men's and women's styles.

I wish I could wear hats more. 
I love how you could fill in our many generations of farmer you are.
So in Canada this is called a toque. You American's call it a sock hat or a toboggan (a toboggan is a sled, I would know, I'm from Canada)

I thought this backpack is really cute. Would be great for the gym or football games too. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Purple Banner Designs Winner is...


Marissa is our big winner. Congrats to everyone that entered, and thank-you VERY much to all those that are following my blog. Marissa you'll have to let us know what you end up choosing as your prize. Have fun at your sale this weekend.

And to everyone else be sure to check out Purple Banner Designs for unique gifts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't forget it's I Love Beef Month

Mmmm steak.

So there is nothing like sharing a great steak dinner with family and friends. I noticed that lots of your comments on the free giveaway post (it's not too late too enter, I'll be drawing tomorrow) that you will be spending time in this weekend instead of going out for dinner. We'll take doesn't mean you still shouldn't have an awesome meal. How about a grilled T-Bone Steak for Two? p.s. the T-Bone steak is one of beef's 29 lean cuts of meat.

Just click here for the Grilled T-Bone Steak For Two recipe, along with six other beef treats you can whip up for your loved one this weekend. 

And if you want to promote I Love Beef Month than right click on the I Love Beef icon and save it to your desktop. Then use the photo on your own blog, as your facebook profile picture, or anywhere else that you want people to learn about Beef .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Understand this - it's in my blood.

3 days and counting...

So I am a little shocked, I don't think anyone stateside knows what HUGE event will be taking place next week. On February 12, the 2010 Olympics will be kicking off, in my homeland nevertheless. And furthermore it means game time for Canada's hockey teams.

I think it's hard for some people to understand, but the love of hockey runs in my veins. Miss South Dakota and R3 (the roommates) have already poked fun at my passion, and are aware it could be a long couple of weeks. I don't watch hockey every week, I can't even tell you who is leading the Western Conference in the NHL right now, but when I get a chance to watch a game there is just something that makes my heart race.

I immediately picked up this weeks Sports Illustrated because of the Olympics on the cover, and inside I found the story that pretty much sums up what hockey means to Canadians. The first story "Destiny's Child" by S.L. Price, talks about Sidney Crosby, who hopefully will be Canada's fearful leader all the way to the gold metal podium. I love this quote.

"Crosby isn't just the center, figuratively and literally, of Team Canada. He's the defender of the faith." - Don Cherry

The second story, "Canada Obsessed," by Michael Farber, discusses Canada and their absolute passion that has been leading up to the 2010 Olympics. In 2006 we didn't make it pass Russia in the quarterfinals. This year the expectations have risen.

"If the home team doesn't win hockey gold, much of the nation will mourn the Games as a failure."
"The only color that counts is gold." 
For Christmas my dad took me to my first NHL game ever. Oilers vs. the Flames, "the battle of Alberta." Within 20 seconds we scored, and the next face-off led to a fight center ice. Nothing like being fours lefts to the right of the goal, and two seats behind the glass.

My team. 

Nothing like a good ole hockey fight. 

Don't forget to enter the free giveaway draw. I'll select a winner on Thursday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

K-State's Legacy

I'm a real alumni now.

So if you haven't figured it out yet I love K-State. I know I have said it more than once but Manhattan, Kansas, is like American home to me. I am a pretty proud alumni, but unforunately my bank account is not big enough to prove it - YET. Part of my Dave Rasmey giving budget is going to K-State amoung other things, but in the mean time I can use my talents.

Today I am speaking to K-State's Bull Sale class. These are the students that put on the annual K-State Legacy Bull And Female Sale. I used to be one of those students, but today I get to come back and share my experiences with them on marketing and using social networking to market your product. Last year, I developed a video for the class that featured both the top Angus, Hereford and Simmental lots as well as interviews with faculty and students on why hands on classes like these are important.

Sometimes we don't always have the means to give what we want, but that doesn't mean there aren't others ways to share.

Check out the video from last year, and I'll post the new one as soon as it is up.

It's a Monday giveaway - from Purple Banner Designs

Who's gonna be the big winner. 

What better way to start off the week than a little giveaway. Last week many of you loved the gift ideas from Purple Banner Designs. Well Bethany wanted to do a giveaway for all my blog readers! On Friday I'll draw a name and our winner will walk away with some of her awesome note cards or a children's t-shirt - your choice!

And how do you enter for these fabulous prizes?

1. Leave a comment below and tell me how you will be spending your Valentines Day or National Singles Awareness Day weekend or what was your favorite Superbowl commercial.

2. If you follow my blog, let me know and I will give you an extra entry.

3. If you follow the Purple Banner Designs blog, I will give you an additional entry.

4. And you can post on my blog Anonymously too, just be sure to leave your name and then check back to see if you are a winner!

Go luck everyone!

Friday, February 5, 2010

San Antonio/NCBA recap and 101 in 1001

A little update.

Last week I headed off to San Antonio for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Convention and Trade Show. I was really excited to get to attention because I have been wanting to make it back to San Antonio for awhile - plus it is on my 101 in 1001 list. Scratch that off.

New Restaurant - (only need one more new restaurant)
On Tuesday night I had a chance to head out to supper with some of my coworkers and good friend Jill (you might recognize Jill from her superstar days on YouTube.) We ate at a restaurant called the Little Rhein Steak House and it was phenomenal. It probably was one of the best filet mignon I have ever ate. Also, we had a Meritage wine, which is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend. I really liked it. The restaurant was started in 1967 and sits right on the Riverwalk.

Howling at the Moon
So I am pretty much addicted to dueling piano bars, so of course I had to take Jill to one. I made sure she had the full piano bar experience - this included getting to sit next to the piano man and singing the adult version of "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Also, you can pay for things to be written on the glass behind the piano players. I was pretty excited to see that there were other K-State fans in the house. I would have to say the best posting though was - "Cowboy Logic: A barbed-wire fence is kind of like a thong. It keeps everything in, but doesn't block the view." Oh those NBCA cowboys.

Speaker of Choice
I also got to meet and hear Chef John Doherty speak, the past executive chef at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. His leadership talk was really interesting. He started off with a cooking demonstration and explained how leadership tied in. First he showed us the final product so we knew where we were going and what the finished product should look like. Then he showed us the tools and ingredients we would need to accomplish our goal, and then we had the recipe and that was our map. Interesting concept, and the food again was awesome, can you sense a theme here.

Ready to write the citizenship test
So I kind of get star-struck by American monuments. Like the Alamo. When we pulled into town I asked my boss if he thought we would see the Alamo. Um yeah, our hotel was right next to it! I got to walk through the ground and the actual building one afternoon. It is pretty neat to be standing in the middle of that old church, and know that is where men and women fought and died. Really neat in my books. Also, a little piece of Texas history. Did you know that Texas is the only state that can fly their flag at the same height as the American flag.

Only in Texas.

The Riverwalk is awesome. Restaurants, shops and bars border the waterway.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little turquoise - boots, earrings and dinner plates

Dave Rasmey says if you want it put it in the budget

So I am still dreaming about my belt, but I have found a few other things to satisfy my turquoise addiction in the meantime. Dave Rasmey and I are getting along quite fine in my Financial Peace University classes so far. He is always talking about rewarding yourself by saving up for the things you want. And if you plan on buying than stick it in the budget. So budget I will.

My friend Nicole had a pair of these on at NCBA. Had no idea they weren't boots until she pulled up her pant leg. Problem is, although I took 12 years of ballet you would never know it by watching me try and walk a straight line (but I sure can dance one) and that would likely mean me twisting an ankle or some other embarrassing outcome in these shoes. So I pass these onto my other not so clumsy friends. ps. They are on SALE right now at!

So I finally stopped at Roy Frey Western Lifestyles in Topeka. I have only drove past it a million times on my journeys to K-State. Their western home furnishings department was awesome! One day when I get married or finally have my own house these babies will be mine. Stay tuned because more postings from Roy Frey to come. 

And these earrings that I discovered on A Classy, Southern Bride's blog (it's a good one!) So from what I can figure out Stella & Dot boutique is home based jewelry business that has some awesome stuff, and many more turquoise pieces than just these fabulous earrings. Going to have to spend some more time on this website. Anyone else heard of Stella & Dot before?

Yellowtail is listening to agriculture

Maybe that HSUS donation doesn't make as much sense now. 

Last week I let all my blog friends know that Yellowtail wine was making a $100,000 donation to HSUS. (click here to see the post) Obviously, this didn't sit too well in my books. Yesterday, I facebook I noticed some of my friends becoming fans of [Yellowtail] on facebook. What, wait a minute! We can be fans of this company! But the smart people of agriculture were using their voices.

Click here to she the hundreds of responses from pervious Yellowtail customers about their disappointment in Yellowtail's donation. And guess what Yellowtail was listening...

"Hi all, lots of conversation here today – we’re listening. Check back soon, as we’ll be announcing news shortly on our Tails for Tails program."
So what can you do. Click here or here and become a fan of [Yellowtail] - they have two fan pages, but I think the first one is the official one. Then write on their wall. Let them your disappointment, and how much agriculture means to you, and how little HSUS values that. You know I think they is really going to make a different. I feel the tides a turning one step at a time.

Oh look it is our good friend Debbie Lyons-Blythe from Life on a Cattle Ranch. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coming to American to be apart of agriculture

Pretty neat story.

I have met Robert Groom through my role in the American Angus Association. He is a pretty unique guy. He questions things, is a little outspoken, which is really a good thing. Recently, we finished this video on him, and his desire to raise cattle in the U.S. We are pretty lucky to be living in this country. Farming is a whole lot different here than it is in other parts of the world. And we are lucky that Canada and the U.S. provides one of the safest food sources in the world.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Turn up the heat - I Love Beef!

It's almost here...

So for all those that are counting down the days until Valentine's Day or National Single Awareness Day as some may call it, you need to start thinking about how you are going to spend that special day with your special someone. My special day will be spent with Blonde Bombshell 1 and Blonde Bombshell 2 conquering the town of Des Moines, IA.

But seriously did you know when it comes to V-Day, American's would rather have a nice meal (61%), than a card (25%), flowers (25%, chocolate (21%) or even a gift (34%). So what will you feed special someone.

And if you are looking for love beef wins! A ribeye (35%) or T-bone steak (32%) are chosen as the best meal to share with special someone, more than a chicken breast (17%), fish filet (12%) or pork chop (5%). And the good news is the T-bone steak is one of beef's 29 lean cuts of beef.

And hey, I guess if someone does want to send flowers I'll take that too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

National Ag Day - Time to Tell Your Story

Mark your calendars.

OK folks, here is our chance for our one day in the spotlight - National Ag Day, March 20, 2010. Each day many of us talk about our livelihoods, and how farmers help feed, clothe and fuel the world. So now that you are well aware of this great day ahead of us, let's make sure that others are aware. We can use our networks, whether they be friends, colleagues or that social one everybody is always talking about to spread our message.

I got this great email when I was in San Antonio (details on that to come soon) from the National Agri Marketers Association about agday.orgwhich has all kinds of great resources including media kits, talking points, fact sheets and ways that we can all spread our message. 

A few months ago my blogger friend Caleb, at America's Great Divide, suggested that we all contact Google. I didn't know this but the great artwork that you see on the Google words during holidays or special days can be clicked on, leading you to a wealth of information about that subject or event. Well why shouldn't Ag Day be featured? Caleb contacted their business development group and shared his thoughts here. How many requests do you think we can send them in the next 48 days? Use some of the information from to get your point across.

If you decide to participate let me know! I would love to hear your ideas whether it is as small as changing your facebook status to holding an Ag Day event.

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