Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best Chocolate Milk in the World!

Happy milk loving lady. 
Attention guys and gals, Fairlife - thee most amazing milk in the world - finally showed up in our grocery store. I was almost jumping up and down in the aisle when I found it at our grocery store. What's so awesome about this milk? Well let me tell you.

1. It is ultra filtered. What does that mean? Fairlife runs their milk through one-of-a-kind filters. This allows them to remove lactose aka sugar, but keep all the good stuff in like protein and calcium. Therefore people that are lactose intolerant can drink this milk! The video at the bottom explains the process.

2. Remember that I said Fairlife keeps the protein in? So much protein that Fairlife is 50% higher in protein than regular milk. Beef and Fairlife milk are now my go to protein sources. I kind of like greek yogurt, too ;) 

3. The Fairlife milk lasts WAY longer. I have no idea why, but I bought my Fairlife yesterday (Sept 19) and the 2% is good until Nov 4. That is amazing for our family of two. We love milk, but I have lost count of the number of contains that have gone bad in our fridge because it wasn't drank fast enough. Since I travel for work so much it is hard to go through a container before the expiration date. Fairlife just solved my problem, and is going to save me some moo-la. 

3. TASTE! Holy cow this stuff tastes amazing. It definitely is richer and creamier than regular milk. The chocolate was so chocolatey that I actually cut it a bit with the 2%. I always thought Fairlife milk just sounded cool, but now I also know it tastes amazing. 

When you are shopping the dairy section of your grocery store make sure you take a look in the organic section. I do not purchase organic products because I know they are no safer or nutritious than regular products, however the Fairlife products were beside the organic stuff. (Fairlife isn't organic).

So the next time you are out doing a little grocery shopping check out Fairlife and give it a try. I think you are really going to like it! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turquoise Thursday: KEEP Collective Arm Party

Remember when I first through out the term #armparty? Well, I've discovered the ultimate arm party thanks to my friend Sharlene at Country Girl City Wife. She new that I love turquoise and share with me some of her favorite KEEP Collective bracelet designs.

Not only do I love the turquoise bracelet, but the "live your dream" bar is perfect. I've ordered a bar for myself that says "all things are possible." That is the great thing about KEEP Collective is that ever band is customizable with hundred of charms, letters, numbers and gemstones to choose from. 

KEEP Collective is actually a sister company to Stella & Dot, and as you can see they love turquoise as much as all your Crystal Cattle fans. I have recently become a KEEP Collective stylist, and would love to help design the perfect KEEP bracelet or necklace for you. Don't worry it isn't a requirement that it contains turquoise ;) And if you really want to have some some fun ask me about hosting an online social. That way you'll earn shopping credit towards your very own arm party! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sunsets Are Like Opportunities

Sunset photos are kind of like opportunities, if you don't snap the picture fast enough they are gone. Recently, one of my college teammate's dad passed away after a long fight with ALS. You could say he was just getting into his prime and had many life lessons still to share. Regardless, our opportunities to learn from him and continue to make memories with him have faded away.

Tonight there was a beautiful sunset on our farm. I wanted to snap the perfect photo. I really would have liked to grab my big DSLR camera, but I knew by the time a grabbed it the sunset would be gone. Sometimes the circumstances aren't perfect, but if you don't seize the opportunity it will be gone in a flash. 

Just food for thought. What will you do to make most of the opportunities in front of us. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Turquoise Thursday: Pioneer Woman Dishes and Cookware

Have you heard yet about Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman's AMAZING new collection at Walmart? I used major online shopping constraint but couldn't resist picking up a couple pieces. Especially, since they are so affordable.

I could not resist this two piece casserole dish set. The whole theme of the collection brings together beautiful turquoises and red along with pretty floral patterns. 

I also thought this turquoise cow creamer was adorable. However, I don't really have an use for it so I only bought the ramekins, which will be perfect for all of the recipes I make out of the Dessert for Two cookbook

Ree has also designed some amazing bowls. Big serving bowls and perfect smaller bowls for dessert and ice cream. Some of these are already sold out online however the collection releasing in stores later in September. 

And since it is Turquoise Thursday I can pass up posting this turquoise 7-Quart Dutch Oven. Now what pieces will you be rushing out to purchase? Or maybe you are like me and are anxiously waiting for the mailman to bring you your new pieces. Thanks Pioneer Woman for being all out amazing! Not only do you fuel my love of turquoise, but you fuel people's interest in food and agriculture. I always love watching her cooking show and reading her blog to learn what is happening on her Oklahoma ranch. She allows amazing access to an agriculture lifestyle that most don't have the opportunity to see very often. 

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