Saturday, November 28, 2020

Your Shop Small Saturday Guide

 “Behind every successful woman is a squad hyping her up.”

  1. Burlap & Bovine: I love Malorie and her little cows to bits. Shop fast because her items sell out quick!
  2. Stella & Dot Boutique: yes, I too do a happy dance each time an order comes through and I get to help someone with a gift. Now through Monday receive 30% off all jewelry and bags. Spend $75 and receive a free pair earrings.
  3. Baby Boss bag. You choose the strap, also 30% off.
  4. Farmher Graphic Tees: I already did some shopping here. Marji does a great job of telling the stories behind women in agriculture.
  5. Ginger Hill Farmer: Abby has some great gifts in her boutique and has a 10% off for you with the code CRYSTAL.
  6. This Farm Wife: I die over this hoodie and Meredith has all kinds of other unique pieces. She was a huge supporter of our Iowa Derecho Fundraiser.
  7. Pampered Chef: I don't sell it, but seriously fill your kitchen or your friends' stockings up with their pieces. The quality is so good and this Mix and Chop is one of my favorite gifts to give. The consultant that I linked to, Edan, works in the swine industry!
  8. Chilled Freezer Meals: Lindsy freezer meals save my butt. I love having a few ready to go if we get in a bind. Take a peak at her IG for some deals. I couldn't have pulled off our Iowa Derecho Freezer Meals for farmers without her.
  9. Letters and Laurels: This is a new favorite shop. I LOVE their pennants and I want one of their felt signs too. I have this Better Together pennant for our office. Use code CRYSTAL for 10% off.
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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Best Mother in Law Gifts

1. Deluxe Caffeine Station // the Keurig does it all. From regular cups of coffee and tea to espresso. And you can't miss foamer for your lattes. My SIL has one and it is amazing. 
2. Best PJs EVER // I love these pajama sets. The fabric is so soft and you can also get them with pants. 
3. Rhett Earrings // mixed metals is such a trend right now and you can't go wrong with these lightweight earrings. Get them for 30% off through Cyber Monday. 
4. Lavish Duo // This hand cream smells amazing and my MIL already has it 
5. Initial Necklace // these rainbow charms are beautiful and can be customized so many ways. 30% off through Cyber Monday. 
6. Ember Mug // This mug keeps your drink consistently warm 
7. Grandkid Pillow // Because you know who her favorites are now. 
8. Packing Cubes // We got these for my MIL last year and she loves them so much she ordered another set. 
9. Earring Huggies // You can't go wrong with a simple pair of studs. 30% of through Cyber Monday. 
10. Garden Markers // Such a cute Etsy shop! 
11. Mittens // When you aren't sure you can't go wrong with mittens, so much better than socks. 

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Gift Guide for Teen Girls

While there aren't any teens under this roof, so many of you requested ideas for this group. So, I polled my friends with teens and I can assure you these will land you in the cool mom or aunt pile.

I wanted to bring up something real quick on these gift guides. I've been talking about supporting small businesses on my Instagram. I think it is especially important this year. In each of these posts, it is my goal to make sure there are small business owners mixed into the list. 

1. Earring Holder // because I remember my dresser growing up was scattered with them 
2. Mini Light Box // a favorite amongst teens and me ;) 
3. Reusable Make Up Pads // I recently switched to these over cotton pads 
4. Moon & Star Earring // Mismatch earrings are all the rage (wait do teens say rage)
5. Starter Skincare // If your teens it getting into makeup and skin start her off with a clean skincare routine. Beauty Water is also great for maskne. 
6. Sherpa // because she is going to want to get cozy 
7. Glitter Airpod Case // for a little extra sparkle 
8. Waterproof Speaker // to make those showers even longer 
9. Tie Dye Kit // the perfect DIY activity over Christmas break 
10. Makeup Case // so it isn't spread out all over the bathroom counter 

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Gift Guide: Co-Workers and Teachers

When I did my Instagram poll a lot of you said that you struggle with gifts for your coworkers. As I was pulling everything together I was thinking to myself this is all the stuff I would love, ha. So if you are shopping for a coworker, teacher or some form of boss lady this is the perfect gift guide. 

1. Tote // I mean it is kind of perfect 
2. Notebook // everyone can always use another 
3. Customized Tumblers // these are a ton of fun and can be customized with a name 
4. Extra Long Charging Cord // because someone is always stealing hers
5. Boss Necklace // remind her how awesome she is
6. Affirmation Cards // this year I have really gotten into affirmations. I love having these positive notes on my desk. 
7. Candle // I have talked about these candles before and they are hands-down best smelling ones EVER. Yes, I really love them. 
8. Flair Pens // I love the messages on these 
9. Personalized AirPod Case // I love everything in this Etsy shop! 
10. Engravable Pulley Bracelet // customize with a saying, date or name(s)
11. Rinse-Free Handwash & Moisturizer Set // because everyone is keeping the germs at bay 
12. Ultimate Laptop Bag // they don't call this the Boss Lady bag for nothing 

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Plan Your Next Trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas

It has always been on my bucket list to go and see everything that Chip and Joanna Gaines have built in Waco. I had been to Waco once before, long before Magnolia had made its mark and honestly, the town wasn't much and still really isn't. However, when you find the pockets that Chip and Joanna transformed you are whisked away to another world. 

When to Go and Where to Stay 

We were able to tie this quick trip into a business trip, which meant arriving in Waco on a Wednesday afternoon. We were repeatedly warned about the lines there would be to get into the bakery and other shops. I can gladly say that the online line we waited on Wednesday was for the bakery, and that wait was only about 15 minutes. On Thursday as we ventured in and out of the Magnolia shops we didn't wait once. Weren't able to get a reservation for Magnolia Table, but when we arrive around 9:15 a.m. we had a 45-minute wait. Thankfully, there were lots of places to sit even with COVID regulations. 

We stayed at one of the two Holiday Inn's in Waco. There are lots of chain hotels, with the closest being the Hotel Indigo, which would be in walking distance. 

Lay of the Land

I was a little surprised to realize that not everything is on the same "campus." Magnolia Table (the restaurant) is not where the Silos (the main campus) is located. The Little Shop on Bosque (Joanna's first shop and now a discount store for Magnolia pieces) is also a ways from the main campus. On the Silos campus, there are six brand new shops and a gorgeous church, as well as the new Magnolia home (furniture store) and Magnolia Press (coffee shop) open. I would recommend starting at the Silos, and if you purchase something at the Magnolia Market store keep your receipt as you can use it to get 10% off anything at The Little Shop on Bosque. 

Each shop is carefully curated with everything from clothing, to notebooks, to pencils to adorable children's clothing. It was a good reminder that Jo isn't all white shiplap. 

As for food, Magnolia Table is some of the best breakfast/lunch food I have had. I wish we could have eaten there multiple times. Even if Chip and Jo aren't your thing go for the food. If you aren't able to get a reservation or want to wait for a table there is a to-go/take-out order window. Silos Bakery Co. at the Silos is where you will find the cupcakes. To be honest they aren't the best cupcakes that I've had. If you are short on time go to the coffee shop or skip altogether. I DO recommend grabbing one of the Elderflower Lemonades though. They are delicious. 

The free parking lot is currently under construction, but there were two church parking lots close that charged $10 to park. There is still a lot of construction going on at the Silos. There is the constant noise of jackhammers and machines, however, we still had an awesome trip. 

What We Skipped

We didn't do a Fixer Upper house tour, but if we were to it sounds like Waco Tours is the tour guide to do it with. We didn't stop by Jimmy Don's JDH Iron Designs or Harp Designs. 

The Non-Magnolia Things 

There is lots more in town other than the Magnolia enterprise. Spice Village is a must stop. It is a huge warehouse filled with a variety of small shops and boutiques. We ate a celebration dinner at DiamondBack's Steakhouse and it was incredible, but definitely spending. The food was amazing, and there were so many things on the menu I wanted to try. Hecho en Waco was recommended by several people and it is close to the Silos. Waco has several museums and other attractions as well. However, Jon and I both agreed that it would be hard to fill up more than two days in the city even if you had added on one of the Fixer Upper home tours. 

Overall, we loved our trip. Waco knows its food, and I would love to plan a trip back with a group of girlfriends. 

Hard to Shop For Guys Gift Guide

What would you like for Christmas... "nothing." Is there an answer that makes you want to pull out your hair more?! With the assistance of my hard to shop for husband, I have rounded up some tried and true gift ideas for your father-in-law, husband, brother, boyfriend. You get the picture ;) If I have items missing from the list make sure you comment below or DM me on Instagram

1. Blackstone Grill // Now we are team Traeger in this house but SO many of you said that your husband's LOVE their Blackstone. 
2. Man Crate // Another recommendation that you all gave me over and over again. 
3. Green Lights // Jon has already listened to the audio version once, and we then relistened to it on our Texas trip 
4. Cologne // This is my hands down favorite scent on a guy 
5. Leather Tags // I bought Jon one of these as a stocking stuffer last year. This Etsy shop has all kinds of awesome personalized leather goods. 
6. Bose Speaker // will last forever. He loves his on the golf cart. 
7. Heater Ice Scraper // Tons of 5 star Amazon reviews. 
8. Golf Caddy // Perfect way to keep all of his gear organized. 
9. Can Cooler // A few people in our family are getting these this year. I love the golf dimples on it. 
10. No-iron Shirts // Jon loves these, and I love not ironing. The quality is really good and you'll never guess where they are from. 
11. Northface Vest // I have given these to my dad and brother-in-law. They will last forever, are super warm, but look dressy. They are a slimmer fit so size up one if he'll want a little more room. 

Be sure to check out my Men's Gift Guide from last year, and there are lots of other great suggestions on my Foodie's Gift Guide. I'll be posting my Farmer's Gift Guide this weekend. Make sure you subscribe here so you don't miss out. You can find my complete list of gift guides here

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Foodie Gift Guide

Whether you love preparing the food or simply want to be the one to consume it these gifts will be sure to please any foodie. 

1. Cocottes with Cookbook // My SIL got me these for Christmas one year and I love them. They are perfect for desserts or serving dips. 

2. Insulated Tumbler // I bought these last year for my besties. Lots of colors and I love that they come in a pack in two. 

3. Food Ornaments // If you want to make the foodie in your family giggle here is your chance.

4. Yeti Soft-Sided Cooler // Yeti doesn't need much explanation other than they are awesome. Plus, I love this color. 
5. Smart Garden // Bring the garden inside and grow your own herbs or veggies. 

6. Frother // I have talked about this frother so much. It is perfect for milk, your protein powder or hot chocolate. 

7. Mini Waffle Maker // This is too cute. Comes in multiple colors and different shapes. 

8. Food Pouches // I LOVE these reusable pouches. They are perfect for simple snacks on the go. 

9. Joy Tea // If you need a change from your typical Earl Grey or chai tea this is my FAVORITE. 

10. Dessert for Two // This is one of my go-to cookbooks and I love gifting it. It is perfect for empty-nesters, newlyweds or your single friends. 

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Bestie Gift Guide

Hi friends, it is time to roll out my annual gift guides. Let's kick it off with the women we call sisters whether they are related or not.  

1. 100 Days of Brave // I did this devotional with a group of friends last year and LOVE it. I still refer back to it all the time. 
2. Lavish Body Butter // This stuff is SO good and makes the perfect gift. I love the original scent and the limited edition lavender scent. 
3. Sherpa Pullover // this is unbelievably cozy and under $20. 
4. Pouf // I love these poufs for "girl stuff", throw it a larger bag to keep everything organized and more. 
5. Tumbler Cup // Everyone can use another cup, and I love all the colors. This was one of my most purchased items on Amazon Prime Day. 
6. Schitt's Creek // If you haven't gotten your girlfriend on the bandwagon yet do it now! 
7. Pom Beanie // In Canada, we would call this a toque but either way it is really cute. 
8. Scrunchie Advent Calendar // this is adorable and the gift that keeps giving. 
9. Stud Earrings // a simple pair of earrings that will be sure to please. 
10. Personalized Necklace // engrave a special date, her word or the name or her kids. If you need more room for engraving this is a great option too. 

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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Beauty Favorites From Sephora

 Sunday marks the start of Sephora's Fall VIB Sale. The VIB sale is exclusive to those that have signed up for Sephora's free rewards club. There are three levels: Insider, VIB and VOB Rouge and each level will receive a tiered level of discount during the sale starting at 10% off. The great news is that you can sign up right before check out and still get your 10% off during the sale. You'll also earn points for each dollar that you spend throughout the year and these points can be redeemed for luxury samples. 

I've broken down my picks into things I currently use/will be reordering and then some holiday gift ideas. In the coming weeks, I have a ton of holiday gift guides going up so if you haven't signed up for my newsletter now is the perfect time. 

Becca Undereye Brightener: I have gotten so many of my friends hooked on this. It dark shadows under your eye or uneven skin color on your lids (that's me) are your problems then grab this. You can wear it on its own or for more coverage layer a concealer over top of it. 

Born This Way Concealer: I moved away from Tarte Shape Tape (gasp, I know) awhile ago and this is what I replaced it with. It has all the coverage but is a lot more moisturizing. 

Anastasia Brow Set: Ever holiday season I make sure I grab one of these sets or put it on my Christmas list. Taupe is the perfect color for fair blondes like me. 

Flawless Finishing Powder: I held off for a LONG time before I purchased it, but yes it is as good as all the influencers and beauty bloggers say. Whether you want to make sure your makeup says put or you need to reduce some shine before your next Zoom call you'll love this powder. 

Natural Eyes Palette: I bounce back and forth and combo this palette and my EVER palette all the time. Lots of pigment and you can easily do an every day or glam look. 

Make-Up Forever Shadow: If you are only going to get ONE THING get this shadow. Every time someone compliments me on my eyeshadow I have this on. I pop a little bit in the center of my eyelid and it bright the whole look to life. I wear shade ME-513. 

Natasha Denona Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette: I don't own this palette YET, but it is the one my sister wears and it always looks awesome. At under $25 it is a really good buy. 

Mario Badescu Skincare: This spray is great for wetting an angled eyeshadow brush and then turning a dark eyeshadow into an eyeliner. If my face is dry I will also spritz it before I apply my moisturizers. The drying lotion is perfect for clearing up a blemish overnight. 

NARS Orgasm Mini Blush: NARS' signature color this is the perfect year-round color. I have this in the powder and a cream stick version. 

All Nighter Setting Spray: It'll take you forever to go through a bottle, so grab the set and then gift the second. If you are having problems with makeup rubbing off on your mask this is an awesome product. 

Hourglass Ambient Light Powders: These powders are the perfect way to give yourself a little glow. If you don't want to splurge on the larger palette, I also love the mini powders. Plus, these palettes will last you years. Yes, I said years. 

First Class Dry Shampoo: My all-time favorite dry shampoo isn't in stock at Sephora anymore (here I come Ulta) but I do like to include this one in the rotation. Also, this is the ideal time to stock up on dry shampoo because it's on sale and you are getting a bonus mini.  

Verb Blonde Mask: I have not used this mask but my bottle is empty of the one I've tried before and a friend had rave reviews about this one so I am going to scoop it up. 

Briogeo Dry Shampoo: If you are looking for a clean, nonaerosol dry shampoo I really like this one. I have been out of it for a bit and have missed it more than I thought I would so it is going in the cart. 

Pro Tip: If you need to buy for a lot of people or simply love treating friends grab a gift set, then break it apart to make multiple gifts. 

Sephora Lipstain Lipsticks: Another favorite amongst my friends and the price point is awesome. Even better in this gift set. 

Voluspa: I love this brand of candles and this set contains three different vanilla scents. 

Beard Lube Conditioning Shave: This is Jon's favorite and I love buying it in the big container so he always has some on hand, aka I like a clean-shaven face, lol. 

Laneige: This used to be my favorite lip balm until I started using EVER Smooth. But, a tube of this lasts so long I still find myself switching between the two. 

Face Masks: Great for teens and grown-up friends. Break these apart and they are just over $4 each. 

You find additional gift guides here.  

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