Welcome to the Squad Life! My weekly podcast that shares how small town girls like me are fearlessly going after our dreams. In each episode you'll get tips from my squad and I on how to pursue your big idea, live a life of joy and step outside of your comfort zone.

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Are you ready?!

Episode 1: Kindness is Courageous featuring Nicole Phillips

Episode 2: Solocast: Mastering Your Goals in Three Steps 

Episode 3: Lisa Saremento Tiramisu Paperie

Episode 4: Be the Hero of Your Own Story Danielle Hayden

Episode 5: Money, Mentorship and Small Towns with Hannah Miller

Episode 6: Solocast: Filling Up Your Cup So Your Don't Shatter

Episode 7: How to Start a Blog and Stay Consistent with Raquel Lynn

Episode 8: How to move from corporate career to owning your own business with Nichole Rohrich

Episode 9: Customer Service Grows Business with Becki Smith 

Episode 10: Launching a Beauty Brand with Nikki Hynek 

Episode 11: Solocast: 100 Goal Project

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