Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here we go again

Trust me Beef is good for you!

Again beef is being targeted as an unhealthy part of Americans diets, and a major case for environmental concern. I realize that everyone has a choice, but I do ask that you look at both sides of the coin before you make you decision, and ask questions! Today the Washington Post posted an article in response to consumer wondering if there were any meats worst the others or were they "all equally as awful."

Green Lantern the author quotes a United Nations report: According to an extensive United Nations report from 2006, the livestock industry not only uses more land than any other human activity, it's also one of the largest contributors to water pollution and a bigger source of greenhouse-gas emissions than all the world's trains, planes and automobiles combined.

What she fails to mention is that this takes in account all the non-environmentally friendly activities like cutting down rain-forests for agriculture that happen in places outside of North American like South American. The case is that all of the U.S. agriculture only accounts for 6.4% of green house gas emissions. American, and Canadian ranchers and farmers for that matter, are stewards of the land and some of the first environmentalists!

Feel free to comment on the article, you have to log in, but it is important to educate our consumers about the facts! Below are a first taking points, and remember to tell your own story as well. We care for our livestock 365 days a year, feed them before ourselves most morning, and spend countless hours monitoring their health just so we can provide a safe, wholesome and nutritious product.
  • Raising cattle serves a valuable role in the ecosystem by converting the forages humans cannot consume into a nutrient-dense food. Just one 3-ounce serving of beef supplies 10 essential nutrients to your diet. Beef is nature’s best-tasting multivitamin!  
  • U.S. beef farmers and ranchers provide 25 percent of the world’s beef supply with 10 percent of the world’s cattle.
  • 85 percent of farmers and ranchers say environmental conservation is important to their success, and on average, each beef producer has 13 different practices in place to accomplish environment goals such as nurturing wildlife, preventing erosion or conserving and protecting water.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headed to Oklahoma

Its here!
I think Calf Fry has been on everyones mind for the past month. There has been a constant count down going on, not only because I am going to get to listen to some great music, but I am going to get the chance to see some of my closest friends again. CGood and I are going to be road tripping it down together, and we have been working on our Calf Fry 2009 iPod playlist! I have added a few more songs for you to listen to. Jason Boland is an old favorite. I have seen him quite a few times in Manhattan. I am really excited about Miranda Lambert though. Ever time I listen to her music I like her more and more. She is one strong, independent girl - just like many my friends. Hopefully we make it back in one piece!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love Make-up!

MAC Cosmetics... my obsession.
First off I am sorry to my dad and any other male readers out there, I know my posts have been a little girly lately. Just remember girls find this stuff really interesting. I promise to write about something not so "fluffy" soon!

So here is a little fact about me - I love make-up! I don't wear tons or anything like that, I just love buying it and having lots of choices. In high school I got hooked on MAC. I think my mom said that I could get some as part of my back to school wardrobe instead of more clothes, or maybe it was a treat for my birthday. I just love going into MAC stores, I love the bright colors and the girls always look so put together. I think MAC stores scares some people because the sales girls do have some pretty bright and bold looks, but trust me they will make you look like a rockstar! It has now become my goal to convert my friends to my MAC ways. Christie has always had a lot of MAC in her make-up kit, then it was my sister, then Robin, then CGood, and then Tawyna on our girls weekend had a little MAC make-over. (The picture is from our second annual KC girls weekend)

Like I mentioned last weekend I did a little shopping, and stopped by the MAC counter to pick up a few of the things I was out of. Their Prep+Prime line is amazing. I use the face primer under my make-up everyday and is makes my skin feel like silk, thus helping everything go on a lot easier. Plus, it really controls the oil in my T-zone. This time I picked up the Prep+Prime with SPF 50. I figured with summer around the corner this would save me one step in the morning. All about multi-tasking! Now I know there are some Mary Kay, Arbonne and Clinque girls that read my blog so tell me what your favorite beauty product is. Girls always love a miracle product!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gone Shopping...

Spring is in the air...
With all of this gorgeous spring/summer weather we have been getting later, I have been itching to add a few new things to my wardrobe. This is the first weekend that I have been home in months so I decided this would be my chance to get some stuff scratched off my list of things needing to be done. So after a productful morning I headed to Kansas City. I was real good keeping to my list of only thing I needed - a few things at MAC, a couple new tops, hit the Beauty Brands $6.95 hairspray sale, look for dresses for Vegas and try and find a pair of shoes that could go with my navy dress that I will be wearing to Meredith's wedding coming up. I have a pair of shoes that could go with the dress, but after a late night of fun and dancing last summer they are looking a little beat up.

I had difficulties with the fun/going out dress part, and I just couldn't find shoes that would go with the dress. I did find a pair of sandals (pictured below) that I really like, but couldn't justify spending the $70. I'll have to wait until they go on sale. That's how I got the gold pair - I spotted them about this time last year priced around $60, and then bought them in August for $18! I bought a black pair to and now its like having brand new sandals. I also found this pair of black patent leather shoes on sale. I haven't been big on patent leather, but this pair caught my eye. I looked and looked at them but decided it just wasn't worth it. Well, I thought about those shoes all day, and was still thinking about them this morning! So after church I made the drive back to KC. I figured if I got there, and they were still there it was meant to be. I am now a proud owner of another pair of Gianni Bini shoes. I love this brand, and have many pairs! I am even thinking about switching my outfit to something black so I can wear the shoes at Meredith's wedding!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, let me know what your highlight was. Oh and my sister is in Thailand right now for work (lucky her) so you'll have to check out her blog.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jen and Matt's Engagement photos!

Going to the chapel
So to wrap up my summer wedding season I will be attending Jen and Matt's wedding in September. Jen and I met after she transferred up here from attending Colby Community College. It is easy to hit it off with Jen, she love to have a good time, is a great friend, and her fridge always has a cold Coors Light in it. When she first met Matt, I remember us Facebooking him the next day trying to figure how to say his last name - Dalrymple - its a tricky one!

Jen had asked me to take their engagement pictures, and we shot a few in February, but it was just too cold. So we planned on taking more the Friday before Brandy's wedding. Well, that is when another ice/snow storm hit Manhattan. We decided our last resort would be waking up early Sunday morning, after the wedding and trying some then. So at nine o'clock Sunday morning, after a long night of fun mind you, we headed outside and it was beautiful. It was a good thing they were the only ones that had to look good that day! 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's almost here

Another little taste of texas country...

So Calf Fry is less than a week away! Cgood and I are going to be making to road trip together Thursday afternoon. I have been continuing to add more music to my Ipod to stock up for the ride. It seems like we went through all the songs twice on our last road trip to Case's wedding, so it's time for some new ones.

This time I am featuring Randy Rogers. I have seen him numerous times in concert and love him. The first song on the playlist "Kiss Me In the Dark," is one of my favorites! Again and One Woman are recent adds (Thanks to Robin's suggestion!) 

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Ooh a new heifer?!

Trying to keep money in the bank...
So this year I have made it a goal of mine to start saving - really start saving, with goals and everything. My first goal is to have the equivalent of three months paychecks in a savings account. In today's world you never know what could happen, and if I want to be an independent young lady I need to be sure that I can take care of myself! The next goal is to get all of my finances in one place I still have bank accounts in Alberta, and some down here and it is just a little hard to keep track of it all, plus I think it causes my mom extra stress sometimes being my Canadian bank manager!

Yesterday, my mom and I were discussing my Canadian fiances, and she informed me that I had a decent sized sum of money that I had kind of forgotten about. I was just thinking in my mind and about to say - great I can put this money straight into a retirement savings fund, when my mom said, "And you only have two cows left, and one is going to calf late this year, so if you still want to own cattle..." This is when I jump in, "You mean I could buy a heifer!" Oh the wheels started spinning. It has been such a long time since I have bought a heifer. I saved real hard, made wise cattle investments when I was growing up, and as a result my cattle paid for my college. But buying a heifer again would be awesome!

Last fall I think I even found the heifer I was supposed to own. Now you have to understand I am a Simmi girl, but I was on the National Angus Tour going through the display cattle and I saw this little heifer calf - she was awesome. A Raven daughter, big bodied, a ton of top and hip in her, and just pretty. To top it all off she was born on my birthday! To add to that they had an offer for $20,000 for half of her. This is when my heart sank. I still called dad to tell him about my new find, his reply was, "Hun, and what would we do with an Angus heifer?" So my little heifer stayed in Oklahoma. I still get to see her lots, they have been showing her a bunch, and doing really well with her. Sigh, that could have been me on the end of the halter. 

This is Signature 9S, a heifer I raised, and one of the last heifers I showed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol II

Waiting for the results...
So things are still looking pretty strong with my American Idol team with the exception that I don't have Kris Allen on my roster. I think he may go to the top three or four, but I just wasn't feeling him on selection day (we even all met in the boardroom for our little draft!) My friend Corineah tells me she is all about him - but I have points to gain! After benching Allyson for a couple weeks in a row, I have learned my lesson - it's Lil Rounds that will now sit out, she just keeps on causing me too many points. Danny Gokey is going to need to step it up as well, yeah he is an awesome singer, but I am getting board with him. I think he is going to have to play the heartbreak card of losing his wife shortly before the competition to get around Adam in the end. Isn't great how reality TV sucks you right in. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It got posted!

Celebrate farmers this Earth Day...

So I mentioned a couple posts below that I was writing a letter-to-the-editor regarding the care and respect farmers and ranchers have for the environment. Well... it is appearing to today's newspaper! To see the article or comment on it please follow this link. Have an awesome Wednesday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

He's just not into you

It finally came to the dollar theatre...
(Warning this may not interest my male readers! Its a little girlie.)
So there is this dollar theatre in town, and usually my roommate and I are so busy when the popular movies come out that we just wait until they are in the dollar theatre - plus who can beat a two dollar movie. However, Robin and I have been patiently waiting for He's Just Not That Into You. My friends have mostly total me how awesome of a movie it is, and what a life changing experience it it.

Drum roll... I thought this movie was dumb. I mean I think I am following the rules, I don't freak out and check my phone a million times, I don't blame myself for situations that I did not cause, etc. I have fun with guys, and if it doesn't work out I move on. I feel like this movie was just another Hollywood movie, trying to educate us on how we should behavior in relationships, and yet in the end everything for everyone in the movie works out perfectly. I do not need a boy. When the right one comes I'll figure it out. So I hope all of you have a wonderful night, and are enjoying the relationship you are in or enjoying the search for the next one!

Giving Back Part II

My judging team...
Livestock judging was a huge part of my life growing up. It is one of the main reasons why I decided to attend college at Butler Community College and then K-State, and ever since it has continued to open doors for me. 

I know that it took thousands of dollars to provide my teammates and I scholarships, transportation, meals, etc., so we could travel the country learning more about livestock and the industry. Now, that I am a graduate of this program I feel that it is important for me to give back. As I mentioned in my previous blog posting Giving Back I mentioned that I was not going to be able to attend my Alumni Judging Banquet so I sent a wine basket instead. Well the results are in my basket bought $110! In all the silent auction had 12 items and they raised $1,900 for our judging teams at K-State! I am going to continue to challenge to post or email me how you are giving back to causes that are important to you.

And on a side note - ANOTHER JUDGING TEAM WEDDING! So I have heard through the grapevine that my judging teammate, from Butler and K-State, Brett Crow is getting married. Brett was fondly nicknamed the Alabama Slammer during college. I need to call him tonight to get all the details. I haven't met his new fiance, but I can't wait to meet her! Just another addition to the family.

Earth Day

Farmer and ranchers are everyday environmentalists

On April 22, people from around the world will celebrate Earth Day. This will be another opportunity for anti-agriculture activists to sing their song about the harm agriculture and beef production does to our environment. In their attempt to convince consumers to eat less beef, they are claiming that beef and red meat is bad for the environment, cows are causing global warming and in order to save the planet you should go "meatless" for at least one day per week. 

Now those that raise beef - a nutrient-dense, wholesome product, that has been called Mother Nature's best vitamin know that these are false claims, primarily made by those groups that have the goal to rid this country of animal agriculture. 

So what are we going to do? Below is a letter-to-the-editor that I have sent to my local paper and I would encourage you to do the same. Through the Beef Advocacy program, I have been provided with some guidelines to help you write your letter. Contact me at if you interested. We need to make sure we are educating our consumers on the value of agriculture. They are eager to learn, we just have to make sure we are telling them our story. Remember Earth Day is only a couple days away, so get typing!

Dear Editor,
This month we will celebrate Earth Day, but the truth is farmers like me are everyday environmentalists. I celebrate Earth Day every day – not only because agriculture is dependent on water and soil, but also because protecting the land and environment is the right thing to do.

We raise our cattle on millions of acres of U.S. land that are not suitable for growing crops. This more than doubles that land that can be used to produce food, all while helping prevent erosion and preserving wildlife habitat.

Today’s modern cattle feeding practices has allowed us to produce more pounds of beef with less resources. 1950s production practices would require an additional 165 million acres to raise beef.

My family and I are responsible stewards of the land and I am helping produce a nutrient-dense, wholesome product with your and my families in mind.

Celebrate Earth Day with a steak dinner and support America’s agriculture industry, everyday environmentalists who get up each morning to take care of the land and produce the food we so often take for granted. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Starting the day off right!

A little cheer to get you going...

There are two ladies that I know that are the most upbeat and  positive people I have ever met. We'll refer to them as "bird" and "Miss EX." Neither of these ladies have ever met, but they just radiate with happiness and hopefulness, and not the kind that makes you sick cause they are so gung-ho all the time. The kind that puts a smile on your face. I think if they ever met they would likely solve all the world's problems in just one sitting over coffee!

This morning I received a text message from "bird" it said, "Good morning friends! Happy Friday! Hope you have an amazing day! Love Your Favorite Bird!" Very simple, but when it is nine o'clock on a Friday morning and you just want the weekend to start, it sure lifted my spirits up! My other dear friend Miss EX always has the most inspirational Facebook statuses. She always reminds me of the awesomeness of God, and that there is always something positive to look forward to. Her status this morning read, "...have a Postively Ex~citing weekend ahead, filled with MK Pink, EX Blue, Fiddlin @ Cowboy Hall & special times w/ special people! Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY! 

Both gals wrote just a simple note that impacted my day. Our words can easily make a difference in others lives. Think about the next time you want to put a smile on someone else's face. Now I am encouraging you to have a wonderful Friday and weekend. I am off to a sale and then Stillwater, Okla., for a show this weekend and I can barely sit still. I love this time of year!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little Red Dirt music

This is what real country is...
So one of my favorite things about living in the states is "Red Dirt Music" or "Texas Country." The music is a good cross between good ole country (not this new pop stuff) and rock. When I was in college I got spoiled. Every Thursday night a band would play at Longhorns, a bar in Aggieville, Manhattan, KS. I got to see some amazing artists every week for $5-$10. I remember when I was still going to school at Butler, me and my girlfriends would drive the hour and 40 minutes to Manhattan on a Thursday, go to the concert, crash at a friend's house and then hustle it back to El Dorado for 8 a.m. classes. I guess that is just what you do when your young. I have still been able to catch a few concerts back in Aggieville, but me and my alumni friends are seriously considering starting a petition to have concerts moved to Friday or Saturday nights!

In a couple weeks Stillwater, Oklahoma, will host Testicle Festival/Calf Fry. It is a huge dirt music festival, and for the first-time ever I will be able to go. The event is going to feature some of my favorites Miranda Lambert, Randy Rogers, Aaron Watson and Jason Boland. I have made good use of my iPod, filling it up with some of these artists lately. This week, I am going to expose you to Cross Canadian Ragweed. This will be the first time I get to see them in concert, and I love their songs 17, Fightin' For and Crazy Eddie's last Hurrah. They have some other classics, but you'll have to Google them. So I hope you enjoy listening to their music and I promise to change it up soon. Maybe I can get a few of you hooked!

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My favorites!

An order of fried pickles please...
On Wednesday I got to travel with my boss to Manhattan for work. We are going to be doing some exciting projects there later in the month. It is always great when you get to go to one of your favorite places for work. I'll have more details to come.

We had a little bit of time between two of our client meetings to grab a bit to eat. I suggested So Long Saloon. This is one of Aggieville's most well know places to eat. At supper, on a weekend or during game days this little restaurant is packed, and for good reason. They have awesome burgers, always a great lunch special, but what I love them for it their fried pickles! I love pickles, so when I arrived in Manhattan and discovered they could be fried too, I was in Heaven. They are served with cream cheese and I could eat them all day long. For my graduation I actually order 50 fried pickles to be served at my party. My mom and dad I think thought I was crazy. If I ever move back to Canada, I am not sure how I will live without them. If anyone ever hears of a recipe, please let me know!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A shout out!

Dear dad...
Tonight I talked my mom about the usual - Easter, calving, putting in embryos, Emilie's recent engagement and taxes - ugh. I mentioned that I hadn't talked to dad in awhile. Dad is working nights right now, and had to work last weekend so I have missed him the last few times I have called home. Anyways, mom said don't worry because he is getting all caught up on your life through your blog!

Dad booked marked my sister's blog and mine so that he could read them each day and stay caught up on what is going on in our lives! I am pretty impressed. So here is a shout to my dad - I promise I'll call soon.  

Giving back.

A proud K-State Alumnus... 
It has now been one year and four months since I left one of my favorite places on earth - Kansas State University! The people at K-State became my family for the two and half years that I spent there, and I still return often. While at K-State I had the opportunity to be apart of the 2006 Livestock Judging Team. My teammates are some of my closest friends. That school really helped me become the person who I am. 

Now that I am an alumni (actually the appropriate term would be alumna) I have really wanted to give back to my alma mater. I don't have a ton a cash funds to be handed over, but what I do have are skills, connections and time (not as much as I would like though!) My friends always give me a hard time about going from a recent graduate to a 60-year-old alumni because of my crazy support. I think some of it had to do with my request for K-State car flags for my birthday!

My first contribution this year was a video for the K-State Legacy Bull Sale. Last year, I saw that Penn State did a video for their student run sale. I thought K-State needed one and I would do it better! The video was a huge success. In the three weeks before the sale the video had more than 900 views. The video now has more than 1,100 hits! Then I renewed my alumni membership to K-State. It is a simple way to stay involved. After that I was able to give back during K-State's annual Telefund. That phone call made me feel old, because I remember calling other alumni asking for funds. I knew that I couldn't give a lot, but I wrote my $20 to the Livestock and Meat Industry Council fund, a fund that supports our judging teams. This weekend is the Alumni Judging Banquet. I would really like to attend, but I will be a sale that day and then headed down to Stillwater, OK. So in my place I am sending a little wine basket for their silent auction. 

Bottom line, we can all do something to help. Whether it is a couple dollars or half an hour of your time. Maybe it is even talking to prospect students and encouraging them to attend you alma mater. We all took something away from the places that we went to school and the organizations we were active in. Maybe there is some cause that is close to you heart. I know my good friend Kelsey Fraiser has recently blogged about her support of Relay for Life. In the next six months I am encouraging you to let me know how you have given back. Leave me a comment, give me a call or send me an email and I will let everyone know how were doing. During the next six months we'll review how we're all doing. If we want change we have to be leaders and start to make a difference. Can't wait to hear from you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It finally happened!

This time it is for real...
So this weekend was extremely exciting! One of my best friends, Emilie, and another really close friend of mine got engaged. Emilie and Austin have been dating for about two and half years. They both met on our K-State judging team - that is how I met both of them too. I can remember Austin, Emilie and I went everywhere together. I always told Austin that he had it good because he always had a good looking blonde and brunette with him. I remember the day that Emilie called me and told me Austin was going to take her out to supper - just Emilie and Austin not the three of us like normal. She was so shocked, I wasn't! I could tell that he had liked her for a long time. 

Austin and Emilie started dating, and things definitely got serious and there was definite talk about marriage. I was so excited of the possibility of two of my favorite people getting married. This led to Emilie's favorite game - pranking me and pretending they had gotten engaged - I fell for it more than once! 

This weekend Emilie and Austin flew out from Pennsylvania for Austin's family's hog sale and Easter. Christie and I had a hunch that the question might get popped. Sure enough on Saturday morning Austin popped the question, in a style that would only fit those two! When I showed up at the farm later that morning, Emilie had that look on her face, but I wouldn't believe her until I saw the ring! And he did great - the ring is beautiful. Their engagement reminds me that true love still exists. Look how happy the look!  

Going once, going twice, sold!

My second one ever...
This weekend I traveled in Wamego, Kansas to help out some good friends of mine with their hog sale. The Finks have been great friends to me since I started at K-State. Their son Austin was on my K-State judging team, and is like a brother, and he dates my best friend Emilie! (there has been a change in this status - see above!) Emilie and Austin are both living in Pennsylvania now, but flew out for the sale. 

Last year the Fink Farm sale was my first hog sale ever, and this was my second one ever. It was fun being on a farm and around livestock again. It was nice to just throw on a sweatshirt, put my hair in a ponytail and get my hands dirty. Plus, Carol, Austin's mom, is a great cook! 

44 Hogs were sold through the sale and average $269, with the high seller bringing $875! Most of these hogs will be shown by 4-H or FFA members at their county fairs. Some will go on to bigger shows like the Kansas State Fair or Wichita's Kansas Junior Livestock Show. The picture of the black and white hog is a Hamp cross and was the high seller. He was real good! If you ever needing a show pig gives the Fink's call, you won't find nicer people.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

Sitting in a Doctor's office.

Yesterday, I had a Doctor's appointment. Of course while you are waiting (and you always have to wait) you are looking for things to preoccupy your mind with. I noticed a poster that had something to do with the alphabet of achieving or something like that. A was for attitude, B was for something else, so on, so on. Nothing too mind stimulating until I got to E!

E= Effort creates opportunities. 

I love it. It is so true. I think its going to be my new motto. And yesterday it even started to come true. In February I did a video for K-State's annual Legacy Bull Sale. I did it for free, it was good practice for me and I wanted to give back to my alma mater. I worked really hard at promoting it and from the time the video was launched until sale day more than 900 people watched the video. Now it is well over a 1,000 views. Anyways, yesterday I got a call from K-State's Animal Science Department head about a historical video project and they want me to do it! My extra effort created an opportunity! I hope all your extra effort creates some awesome opportunities for you too!

Have a great Easter, I am off to Manhattan to see my best friend and hang out at a hog sale! My stories to come out of that I am sure. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beef... Its What's For Dinner

I forgot how good beef was for you!

Last month I had the opportunity to get involve in the first-ever graduating class of NCBA's Master's of Beef Advocacy course. The program entails six online modules and hands on training. The course talked about the key points that we need to share with consumers on how we produce beef and why it is a safe wholesome product. 

One of the modules was over nutrition. I have always loved beef - my favorite is prime rib, followed by filet mignon and a good homemade hamburger. What I had forgotten was how nutritious beef actually is. 

A 3oz. serving of beef:
  • Contains 51% of your daily protein requirement. Protein plays an important role in weight management, as proteins are more satisfying than carbohydrates, thus giving you more of a full feeling. Also, do to its muscle building capabilities it can help regulate and increase metabolism and enhances the effects of exercise - and who wouldn't mind that!
  • Provides 38% of your daily Zinc needs. Zinc is needed for carrying oxygen to your heart and lunges and also plays a role in your metabolism. A 3oz. portion of beef contains six times more zinc than a skinless chicken breast. 
  • Gives you 37% of your daily iron. Iron is especially important to women, as 1 in 5 do not receive enough iron. Also, there are 4 million children in the U.S. that are iron deficient. Iron deficiency is associated with behavioral and cognitive delays. You would have to eat 3 cups of uncooked spinach to get the same amount of iron as found in a 3oz. portion of beef. Salad or steak - hmm. 
Finally, some people think that beef is a fatty food, however there are 29 government approved lean cuts of beef, all containing fewer than 175 calories, and all only have one more gram of fat than a skinless chicken breast. Just look for the terms round or loin to find these lean cuts. 

Just think grilling season is around the corner!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol I

A little competition in the office.

There are a few of us in the office that pay pretty close attention to American Idol. Last year, my roommate (Robin) and I were huge David Cook fans. We really contemplated making I love David Cook tees. She even went and watched a Royals game, just because David Cook was going to sing the national anthem and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

This year we decided to have American Idol league in the office. We all had to pick six players originally. Each week you get deductions if your players are in the bottom three or get kicked off, and get points for them staying. The twist is, you have to bench one of your players each week, thus giving the game some strategy. So far I would say I am doing pretty good – because I am winning! Although, I love Danny Gokey, everyone picked him, thus not an opportunity to gain a lot of points. It is Adam Labert that is my secret weapon. Only me and one other person have him picked. I think he'll go to the top three at least.

This week, I struggled between benching Allyson and Scott. I haven’t been real impressed with either one lately. I just don’t think a blind guy, with really bad hair playing the piano every week is going to take him to the top. However, I decided to bench Allyson this week. Scott gets the sympathy vote, and she just dresses odd. Who are you pulling for?

Looks like benching Allyson was the wrong decision. I am still in the lead, but people are starting to close in! I still have Adam though and his standing ovation!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Send someone flowers

I love getting flowers, but I almost like sending them just as much - which is good for my friends and family. I remember when I was in junior high and high school we had a really good flower shop in our little town. I would often stop there on my way home from school and pick up a few flowers (usually Gerber daisies - one of my favorites). Mom would get home from school and would ask Stacy (my sister) and I who bought one of us flowers. I would I say, "I did for myself!"

Lately, I have been on a Tulip kick. You can buy them super cheap at Wal-Mart, the last long and are so bright! Last month, for my birthday mom and dad sent me bright pink Tulips with pussy willows in them. I think I was more excited about the pussy willows, because I haven't seen those in forever. We used to have lots around our house back home. My roommates didn't even know what they were! I should have taken a picture because the arrangement was awesome. 

Yesterday, one of my close friends found out her dog, Molly, had got run over. So I decided to brighten her day and sent flowers - Tulips of course! The note she sent me when she got them made me smile as much as getting flowers would have. One set of flowers two smiles, pretty good deal. I think I'll start sending flowers more often again... who are you going to send flowers to?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Case Gabel

At 7:30 Saturday morning I headed west on I-70 for the Gabel/Hartley wedding, in Burlington, Colorado. I made a quick stop in Manhattan to pick up cgood and we were off. We arrived in Stratton, where we were staying, we were even half an hour ahead of schedule. Cgood was going to run down to my car and get her hanging bag with her dress in it. I never really remembered seeing a hanging bag when we unloaded the car, and sure enough by the time cgood got back in the room, we realized she had left her dress in Manhattan - four and half hours away. Doing a google search we found a department store in Burlington.

When cgood called the store, they said they did sell dresses, but weren't very reassuring that it would be wedding attire. They also said it was the only option to find an outfit of any kind in Burlington. So, Melinda (another good friend of Christie's - sister of the groom), cgood and I jumped in the car, armed with different colored shoes and all the jewelry and accessories we had brought with us, and headed to Orth'sDepartment store.
We sent cgood to the change room, started grabbing dresses and hopped for the best. For $38 she bought the black/red/white dress seen in the picture and we were off. 

The wedding was great. The bride was gorgeous, the Gabel's can't wait to have Kelsi apart of the family, and Christie is excited to finally have a sister. 

At one in the morning we decided that it was time to end the party andhead back to Stratton. However, during all the festivities a hurricane wind storm had moved in, along with snow and the had shut I-70 down, along with 24 the secondary highway. Luckily, the highway patrolman knew that there had been a wedding in town and let us through. The end of the evening was spent eating the $23 worth of potato chips, cheese dip and Doritos I bought, and discussing that one boy had fed three of the four girls in the room the same line! Guess he didn't realize that we were all friends and staying together. Good times, with great girls! Can't wait for wedding number three in May. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wedding Season has begun...

The 2nd of 10...
This summer (from March until September) I have ten weddings to attend. Another invitation just arrived in the mail today. I attended the first last weekend in Manhattan, KS. Brandy Valek, one of the first friends I made when I got down here got married. The wedding was lots of fun, despite the snow/ice snow that morning. (It did make for awesome engagement picture the next day... more on that later.)

This weekend I am traveling with cgood to Burlington, CO to Case Gabel and Kelsi Hartley's wedding. I met Case through my great friend Christie. Christie and I always made a point to remind Case what a better school K-State was than CSU. Christie and I judged together at Butler and K-State, and it was quite a struggle to get Christie to come to K-State since her family is from Colorado. As Christie's mom always said, "She had her K-State sweater shirt on, but underneath was wearing her green and gold panties. Their invitation was super cute. Definitely, one of the top three of the ones on our fridge so far! I'll have updates when I get back. 

The first one...

Getting Started.

So I have had this blog since last summer, but it has remained empty. This is the first Friday night that I haven't had to be somewhere or doing something. So instead it is 11:40 p.m. (I should be using this opportunity to catch up on sleep), but I am working on my blog. I have become a big blog reader lately. I spend my first hour of work each morning just reading. I'll make sure to share some of my favorite blogs with you later on. Hope you enjoy the reading, don't be afraid to leave a comment, and bear with me as I figure this thing out!

Oh and my sister, Chels and Robyn have inspired me to do this too. 

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