Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crystal Cattle: Shyanne Cowboy Boot Giveaway

These boots are made for walking. 

I was so excited when the Boot Barn contacted me earlier this summer about their Shyanne Cowboy Boots. Not only were the styles beautiful, but they arrived just in time for them to travel across the country on my five week summer work trip.

My new boots on day one. 

I decided that I would pick something a little out of the box, and went with this black pair with the red embroidery. The Boy I think I was shocked that I didn't choose the turquoise pair. They are definitely attention getters, but would they hold up to all the time I would be spending in the barn and on concrete in our trade show booth? 

Absolutely! As you can see from the wear on my heel caps I put some miles on these boots. Hanging out in the barn and standing the majority of the day can do a number on your feet and legs. However, my Shyanne Boots held up just as well to my Justin AQHA boots, and they are considerably less money. Yes, pretty boots are important to me, but so is comfort. 

My boots almost a month and a half later. 

Now where do you fit in? Well the Boot Barn is giving me a pair of boots to giveaway! And guys feel free to enter as well because the Cody James is Shyanne's brother boot and they have those available for any of the men that win. (Did you follow that family tree of boots?)

The contest is now closed. 

To enter please leave a comment for each entry.
1. Follow Crystal Cattle and leave a comment on which boots you would select! You can see the full line of Shyanne Boots here

Extra entries
2. Follow the Boot Barn on Facebook, and then come back here and leave a comment
3. Follow Crystal Cattle on Facebook, and then come back here and leave a comment
4. Tweet about the giveaway and make sure you tag @crystalcattle, and then come back here and leave a comment

I will announce the winner on Monday, August 6, 2012

Finally just one word of caution from the Boot Barn - If for any reason the winner’s first style choice and/or size is not available at the time of this giveaway, there may be a delay in prize shipment until new stock arrives or we may ask the winner to select another style.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crystal Cattle is MIA

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that I fell off the face of the Earth for most of July. Just so you know the following things that did not happen to me. 

A. I won a million dollars and ran away to an inhibited island
B. I travelled to Canada and was kidnapped by polar bears
C. I decided that Internet was useless, and staged a revolution

Things that did happen. 

I got really busy. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all get busy" is probably what you are saying. So what was I so busy doing? 

1. I went to six different different national cattle events. What are these all about? They are week long cattle shows, where young cattlemen have the opportunity to not only show their cattle, but to also compete in educational contests. My husband was very glad I was home after five weeks on the road. 

My trusty luggage that traveled all over the country with me. 
A good friend of mine showing. Their family is from California and they were reserve overall at one of the shows. 
My on my very last flight of the summer. 
2. I began working on my residency paperwork. Someday, I'll write a whole post on this. But the quick version is: I'm originally from Canada, I have had worked visas in the past, I got married this spring, and now I am applying for residency. 

That's the stack of paperwork that has to be filled out.
3. We've been trying to get lots of work done on our own farm. The Boy was a trooper through June and July taking care of everything at home and on the farm by himself. However, now that I am back it is time to kick things into gear. We are getting cattle ready for the Iowa State Fair. This means brushing, washing and teaching the cattle to lead - basically a lot of time a the barn. And because of how hot it has been we usually don't start this work until after supper. Long days. 

To reward you, and to entice you to all start reading again I think we should have a giveaway. How about a boot giveaway! Tune in tomorrow and you'll get all the details. Plus, leave me a comment. I would love to hear how your summer has been. 
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