Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My farmer friends are sexy and they know it

A parody in the field. 

On Tuesday night as I sat in my hotel room @Mel_Writer tweeted me about some "crazy creative advocate"(she knows them personally) with a new YouTube video. Let's just say these boys aren't the "Sexy and I know it," type rather the "I'm farming and we grow it." Just watch this video.

These three boys definitely peaked my curiosity and I had to know who they were. I sent off an email and here is the behind the scenes story of these YouTube agriculture superstars.

Greg (21), Nathan (18) and Kendal (15) are from Assaria, KS and are a part of their fourth generation farm. They are also die hard K-State fans. This made me even more excited. Greg is a senior at K-State majoring in Ag Communications with a minor in Music Performance (not surprising), Nathan will be a freshman at K-State this fall and Kendal will mostly likely end up there too, after finishing high school.

The boys' primarily raise beef cattle, but also have crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans, milo and alfalfa. I would say all that food raising keeps them pretty busy.

Now, how in world do you come up with a video like this. Well, Greg said that he wrote the song back in May, and convinced his brothers to record the audio with him before wheat harvest started, and then during wheat harvest they started filming all the scenes. "We filmed everyday since then, and whenever  we convinced my dad to let us off work early," said Greg.

In the first 24 hours the video surpassed 4,000 views, and with all the sharing and singing along the video is growing into quite the sensation.

Greg said if he could share one thing with consumers is would be, "Don't take agriculture for granted. Whenever, I see people on the Internet bashing farmers I know it is because they do not understand us. Farmers are vital to our society and we work hard to meet the demands of consumers. Farmers are just trying to meet the needs of the people!"

Be sure to also check out their Facebook page Peterson Farm Brothers.
Dec. 17 Update - the video now has 8+ million views. They also have a second video out called Farmer Style and it has 10+ million views.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Corn Report: J.Crew and dry corn

Fashionable in the corn field. 

After being gone from home for the past week, I could really notice a difference in the corn field. It was dry before, however it is really dry now. So although, we are a little bummed about the corn I had a rocking outfit to wear to the wedding we went to this weekend. Win some, lose some I guess.

Who says you can't wear heels to the corn field. I wore them to the barnyard to feed cows last week.
Heels Nine West

It's been back to back wedding weekends for the Boy and I. Our cows are going to expect us to come dressed up to the barnyard all the time. 

I look cute, but our corn kind of looks sad. And thirsty.
Jacket Banana Republic (similar jacket), dress J. Crew Outlet, turquoise necklace J. Crew Outlet. 

Two weeks ago the corn leaves had started to curl and roll a little. In those two weeks we only got a couple tenths of an inch and that has not helped the situation at all. Healthy corn plants will usually reach about 8 feet tall by mid-summer, and their roots about 6.5 feet deep. Obviously, we can't see underground so the leaves are telling us what the plant is going through. One a positive note our crops had good soil and moisture conditions at the beginning of the season so these corn plants that you are looking at should have strong healthy roots. 

Now if any of your live in Florida we would love you to send us some rain. Also, please send some rain to Colorado. We certainly have all the people affected by the fires in our prayers.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding: Best Place to Buy a veil and lace garter

The title explains it all. 

I told you all about my wedding dress, but I haven't told you about two of my other accessories. The garter and veil.

First the garter. I mentioned that I bought the belt for my dress from Kristen Keuhn, however belts aren't her only amazing creations. After seeing lots of beautiful lace, antique looking garters on Pinterest I decided this was the style I wanted for my day. But holly cow, all the ones I found were expensive, however Kristen's seemed to be a perfect price for a nice keepsake.

I decided to go with the Rachel Garter. I also had a throw away garter. 

My sister helping me, while I kept it real and hike up my Spanx! 

Now the funny story about my beautiful, well thought out garter. My garter wasn't super tight when I put it on, but it fit. Good enough I said. Pictures were took, we said I do, more pictures were took, and then I asked my bridesmaids to help me use the bathroom. Up the dress went and it suddenly dawned on me that my garter was gone. Who knows where it was or when it fell off. Luckily, I had that throw away garter for the Boy to remove at the dance. I was sure my beautiful garter was long gone, and the Boy hadn't even seen it. Oh well. Stuff happens. 

The next week low and behold as my MIL was about to mow the grass there was my garter. In between the porch steps a little worse for wear, but at least I've got it! Maybe it will fit better as a headband. 

Now onto the veil. 

I really had no idea what I wanted for a veil. However, when I was searching for my wedding dress the sales lady put a Cathedral veil on me, and right away I knew that was exactly what I wanted. However, those babies aren't cheap. The one in the bridal store was more than $400. No way. I began my search on Etsy. That when I found the sweetest lady, Shirley from Joyous Illusions. When I saw how reasonable her veils were (I bought mine for $45) I was a little skeptical. However, Shirly sent me fabric swatches and the tulle was very soft, and of great quality. Did you know I was an expert in tulle?

Our wedding day was really windy and it rained. So I actually hardly even wore my veil. It got to show up for the church and the picture in our barn. Which were actually the perfect place for it. 

I choose the 108-inch veil, however we ended up having the lady that did my alterations cut a little off. At $45 this was the perfect bargain! Spread the word to your friends and family. Purchase $45 veils. It will make you happy. And like they say on Say Yes to the Dress, "It is just a white dress without a veil."

What wedding accessories did you worry about, or were super excited about? Anyone got any stories/

To read more about our wedding details check out the Wedding Style tab. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Running in Turquoise Style

Just keep moving. 

My running shoes
in the cornfield.
Hi it's me. Your long lost friend. Where have I been, and why so few posts? Well it is cattle showing season. This summer I am traveling to six national cattle shows in five weeks, and currently I am almost done week one. It is a busy time for work, however I love traveling across the country to see so many friends.

All this travel means a lot of eating out. OK constantly eating out. Although the nights are busy with activities I know I also need to take care of my body. That means taking advantage of the hotel's workout room aka the treadmill.

Let me start out by saying I hate running. Really hate it. However, I fell so good afterwards. So I am promising myself to stick with it. I really want to be able to run three miles. I don't know if a 5K will be in the cards, just taking it one run at a time. I downloaded a free app on my phone. It is one of the couch to 5K apps, and so far so good. I think this little app might actually make me like running a little more. Maybe.

So wish me good luck. I know there are a few others out there that are runners. Anyone want to raise their hand?

My current running shoes Nike Free 3.0 V4. I love them.

But these Nike Free's are also pretty cool. Love the bright colors in all the running shoes this year.

I love these Turquoise and White Nike's. Although I don't know how clean they would say if I took a trip to the farm. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Turquoise Front Door

Get the paint bucket out. 

I have a feeling when the the Boy and I are in our permanent home one day and I say let's paint the house turquoise he is going to put a big veto on that. So this is going to be my alternate suggestions. A turquoise door.

via Southern Living
I mean how perfect is this front door. Just replace the rubber boots with rubber boots that are covered in cow poop and this could totally be the door that welcomes our family and friends. Click on the Southern Living link and they give you the exact color.

via House of Turquoise
A little brighter this time. I could throw out the argument. 
Me: "How about lime green." 
The Boy: "No way."
Me: "I was really hoping you would say yes."
The Boy: "Not happening."
Me: "How about a compromise. Turquoise?" 
And then I am predicting the win. Fingers crossed.

via Jennifer at the Little Things
This girl is my idol. She painted all of her doors turquoise. Front, side entrance and patio. 

Would you ever consider painting your front door. I've seen a lot of red ones before, so why not turquoise?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding: Rivini Wedding Dress and Kristen Kuehn Belt

The big white dress. 

We've got all our wedding photos back! So I would say it is time for some more wedding posts. This time let's talk about the big secret that finally was revealed on our big day. How did it all go down?

I had an idea of what I wanted for a wedding dress. Sweetheart neckline, no lace and not too many embellishment, and I was pretty sure that I wanted a fluted skirt, however I hadn't found the dress. That's when my hours of watching Say Yes to the Dress finally paid off. Thankfully I had been recording the show when the perfect dress appeared. Yet, they never quite give you all the details that you need to start googling where to go buy your dress. I patiently waited for more information to be posted on the Say Yes to the Dress website, and learned that it was a Rivini dress called Armane.

I knew I wanted to go to Chicago to look for dresses. It was an easy meeting spot for my mom and sister in Alberta, Canada, my one bridesmaid in Detroit, mother-in-law in Iowa and me in Missouri. I picked three stores to shop at, Ultimate Bride, Mira Couture and Jenny Yoo, knowing that we had to stop and look at the Rivini dress first. (Would highly recommend any of these stores!)

When I tried on the Rivini dress at Ultimate Bride I knew I loved it, but I also knew that I needed to try on a few other dresses. However, as I tried on each dress I knew that the Rivini dress was the one. Who knew I would end up buying the first dress I tried on.

I had no idea until the dress arrived for alterations, but Rivini is actually a Canadian brand so my dress says made in Canada! Which was perfect for a Canadian girl about to move to Iowa. (p.s. if you go to try on wedding dresses don't freak out. I was a size 10 and that isn't close to my normal size.) 

 At each of the stores I also tried on some belts to add a little glam. However, wedding belts at bridal stores are ridiculously priced. That's when I turned to Etsy and found Kirsten Kuehn.

She makes the most incredible bridal belts, head bands and accessories. I picked the Cameron Beaded Sash for my dress. It was the perfect amount of glam. I also bought a garter from Kirsten Kuehn, but I am saving that for my next post. 

Me and the Boy in our barn. He's quite handsome isn't he. If you have missed out on any of the other wedding posts including more pictures take by La Brisa Photography, my turquoise Old Gingo boots I wore with my dress or any other wedding posts you can now find them under the Wedding Style tab. 

A picture outside of one of the pastures our cattle graze in the summertime.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corn Report: It's a little shady in the cornfield

The third corn report.

You can tell summer is flying by looking at the cornfields. Last week I was in Des Moines, Iowa for the World Pork Expo. We are talking more than 2100 pigs and a lot of kids and parents all loving agriculture! It was a really fun event to be apart of, plus I don't think I have ever ate that much pork in one week. We are talking about ribs, sausage, pork loin, pork chops and bacon.

This weekend the Boy pointed out two changes in the cornfield. One the corn is becoming shaded. That means that the corn leaves are covering the rows so you can really see the dirt anymore. This is helpful because since the is less sunlight where the weeds will grow they will normally die on there own.

You can really tell a difference compared to two weeks ago. This picture was take on May 5. 

And this was the corn on June 10. I am currently in my golfing attire. The Boy and I decided to sneak away from the farm on Sunday afternoon to get in a round. 

The other thing that the Boy pointed out was how dry the corn is. See how the corn is curling, that means it is dry. We got a tiny bit of rain on Monday night, but we'll need a lot more. Especially as the plant grows taller. Just like growing kids, growing corn needs a lot of nutrition. 

Did you know in 2011 Iowa corn farmers 2.3 billion bushels of corn on 13.7 million acres of land. A bushel of corn weighs about 56 pounds. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time to ask those blogging questions

Live with DRIVE.

Tonight I am partnering up with the Drive Ag Network to talk about blogging and social media, and you can join in.

Visit, sign up and be there at 8 PM CST. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions. I'll be covering everything from getting you blog started, to interacting with your audience, to generating more traffic.

And remember just because you might not be directly involved in agriculture doesn't mean you can't join in and make a few new friends. Hope to see you there tonight!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss USA I will not stop eating burgers

I am skinny and I like burgers

Tonight, I am busy packing, tying up some loose ends before hitting the road this week. Oh and I am watching Miss USA. Yes, these beauty pageants are a guilty pleasure of mine.

Everything is going pretty good. Gorgeous women, great hair, I disagreed with a few that made the top sixteen etc. Onto the swimsuit competitions. Yeah I wish my legs were that long, and I had a perfect tan, but I am pretty happy with my body. Next walks up Miss Maine. She is a vegetarian. That's fine. I respect her choice. But then...

If you love Miss Maine's body than hers a tip, perhaps you should consider becoming a vegetarian, she's been one since she was nine. Yup the announcer chick spits out this line. And then proceeds to tell everyone that we just need to give up bugers. AHAHAHAHAHA.

I really don't know what to say.

So, I will say this... I am happy with my choice to eat beef, and dairy, and pork and poultry and all that good stuff. And I know I can consumer these foods while having a healthy lifestyle.

If Miss Announcer girl is wanting to be skinny maybe she should look at the 29 lean cuts of beef. Burger made with 95% lean beef would fall into that category. So would sirloin, T-bones, brisket or flank steak.

When comparing 3-ounce cooked servings (the size of a deck of cards), the 29 lean cuts of beef have on average only 1.2 grams more saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast and ALL 29 lean cuts of beef have less total fat and saturated fat than the same serving size of a skinless chicken thigh. I'll take beef please.

Click to enlarge the list of lean cuts of beef. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding: Pure Ridiculousness Photos

Pure Fun. 

Today, I would like to take a minute and share with you something that our wedding photographers, La Brisa, like to call Pure Ridiculousness. p.s. we are days away from having the rest of our wedding photos and that means I'll finally get to share a few more photos and details with you. Two months flies by when you are having fun.

It was a tad chilly on our wedding day. However, I think the snowmobile jackets are a nice touch. 

My veil attacked B the photographer. 

And then our groomsmen attacked B.

Chris didn't want to be left out of the fun. 
However, while this was going on...

So was this. Yeah we had a good time. 

If you want some amazing photographers you have to check out La Brisa Photography. If you follow the link you can see a few more choice photos.

Momma rocked me like a wagon wheel...

Need something to get the blood pumping?

It's Friday, wahoo! I friend of mine has introduced me to an up-and-coming singer named Scott Shelby. Search for him on YouTube and you'll find a bunch more music. Yesterday, I came across his version of Wagon Wheel and I couldn't help but smile.

So here's to a great Friday, and an even better weekend.

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