Thursday, February 28, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: Spring Break Swimsuits

There is snow on the ground everywhere, I don't get Spring Break and I don't even have a warm weather vacation planned. However, I still love looking at swimsuits. And I figure maybe if I pick out some swimsuits the Vacation Fairy might come to visit.

I love this swimsuit. I think I might put it on my Birthday wish list, and the price is fairly good too. ASOS Laser-Cut Floaty Bikini Crop Top is $30.52 and bottoms$16.95. Plus, ASOS has a $10 off when you spend $100 (use coupon code USAVE10). 

How about this fun little number from Orchid Boutique. They have tons of great styles including the Hunter Sea Monique (I have no idea where they get these names) however you'll definitely pay a little more for this turquoise bikini

Did you jump on the fringe bikini trend last year? Cowgirl Crush is carrying these tops in a variety of colors. I can't decide is I like the turquoise (shown) or the mint color the best. 

Are you planning a warm weather vacation or if you could go anywhere on a little trip where would you venture off to? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duck Dynasty creates new product for Vegans

We are huge Duck Dynasty fans in our house and can't wait for the new episodes to start again. The Boy recently read their book The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty. Now that he is finished I can't wait to get started.

Recently, the cast of Duck Dynasty was to appear on Jimmy Kimmel the night after animal activist and vegan, Morrisey, (I guess he is a singer). Morrisey was appalled by this calling the Duck Dynasty gang "serial animal killers." Morrisey told Kimmel it was either him or the Duck Dynasty gang. Duck Dynasty won.

However, the boys felt a little bad and thought they could do a little better job of catering to their vegan friends. Check out Jimmy Kimmel's video for all the details.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Blizzard of OZ on the Range

It is snowing across a fair chunk of the Midwest this week. We got about four inches is what they are telling me, but Kansas got dumped on. When winter weather hits there are a couple big priorities for farmers and ranchers - get the livestock fed, break ice in the waters, and start pushing snow so you can get around.

I was sent this video by an Kansas rancher, Derek Klingenberg, last night and I wanted to share. The video is so pretty and music is so soothing that you kind of forget that he is probably going this in single degree temps (maybe even lower with the windchill). #thankafarmer

p.s. are any of you excited to go see the new Wizard of Oz movie? The name is slipping me right now, but the Boy really wants to go see it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: Tribal Turquoise Dress

This spring/summer/fall we have a ton of weddings to attend. I've already started to keep my eye out for some dresses. A little while ago I found out about The Blue Door Boutique from another blogging friend, and today this little turquoise number caught my eye.

Are you into the tribal trend? 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Update on Parker the Hereford Calf

Fridays are meant for cute calf pictures. 

I can't believe Friday is already here. It was an amazingly productive week, but I am really glad the weekend is just around the corner. So to help put a smile on everyone else's face let's look at a cute calf.

Last weekend we gave Parker, the Hereford bull calf that was supposed to be a girl, a new earring. Technically, that big white thing hanging from his ear is called an ear tag and we use it to I.D. the different calves. Yes, when you only have one it is pretty easy to tell who is who, but as we get more it is important to be able to identify them.

The 3Y is his mom's number and Rev stands for Revolution and that is his sire (father). 
Oh and that cute boy is my husband. 

Parker and his mom 3Y aka Teardrop chilling. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meat Me for the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Let's Pork. 

I saw these meat cookies on Pinterest and had to share. Who wouldn't love these Valentine's Day Cookies. Jenny Dewey you might even have to have these at your wedding!

For $38.00 you can get six of these cookies delivered to your carnivore friends. 
And check out all the other beautiful cookie packages from Whipped Bakeshop

Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Inked Up

Some one got a tattoo this week. 

image from here
Do you have a tattoo? Have you considered getting one before? I was this close to getting one a few years ago on a trip to Vegas during the NFR. However, my girlfriend that I took the trip with was scared of needles, and said she just couldn't be in there to hold my hand. I was really going to need someone to hold my hand. And so, to this day I am sans tattoo.

However, some one did get inked up this weekend, and it wasn't the Boy. He is sans tattoo as well. It was a big day for Goblin the bull. He really didn't have a choice, but I think he is happy with his look.

Tattooing is one of the permanent ways that we can I.D. cattle. Branding would be another. We are about to sell Goblin in a sale next week and his tattoo needs to match what is on his registration paper. When he was a calf he got 2Z put in her right ear, however he still needed JJB put in his let ear. It isn't necessary to do them at separately times, that is just how it happened this time.

First you take tattoo ink. FYI this stuff does not come out of clothes, and you have to scrub forever to get it off you hands. But it does its job - prepares the skin for the tattoo and then sets the tattoo. 

This is what the tattoo gun looks like. JJB is what we were putting in Goblin's ear. So after the letters or numbers are in place you slip the cow's ear in-between the slot and clamp down on it. 

See the little holes that the needles leave? The ink then fills these holes. The ink will eventually wear away and behind will be a the tattoo - a bunch of little dots that make the letter JJB. I'm ready to open my tattoo shop. Who's up? 

Oh, and did you catch the winner of the Country Outfitter Gift Card giveaway? Annie Culbertson you and your tweet one yourself a $150 gift card. I'll be in touch soon with all the details. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

May you always have cows around

This week one of my good girlfriends asked if I had heard Corb Lund's new song, and if I hadn't I needed to check it out. I checked it out and therefore I present Cows Around.

If you aren't in a position to have cows around I'll let you adopt mine so they can bring you much happiness. Corb even mentions the two breeds of cattle my family own first - Hereford and Simmentals. Yes, that is the kind of thing that makes me happy even when I was up at 6:30 in the morning in -5 F (without the windchill) weather feeding those cows this morning.

p.s. Don't forget about the Country Outfitter gift card giveaway!
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