Saturday, March 28, 2020

Work From Home Essentials

For almost 10 years I have had a work from home gig. First in a corporate setting, and then again when I left my job to work for myself. When I asked my husband what you "need" to work from home also know know as WFH, he said "Internet and a printer." Thanks for the help Jon. While that might be true there are a few creature comforts that I love having in my home office.
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1. Ring Light aka Selfie Light: I'm telling you go ahead and get one. The chances are you are going to be on a LOT more video conferencing calls. This is the light that you need to give you the perfect "I don't want to spend time on my make up" glow. Whether you go with the larger size or a smaller version that sits on your desk a ring light is worth it.

2. Softest Loungewear: Let's be real. Us "work from homers" are the queens of casual workwear. We have been showing up to Zoom calls business on top, pjs on the bottom for years. These pjs are my absolute favorite and they come in lots of different combinations of long sleeve/short sleeve, shorts/pants. Buy a pair to sleep in and a pair to work in.

3. Yeti Mic: Not a necessity, but if you want to amp up your sound quality or launch you podcast now that you have all this extra time this is the mic for you.

4. Blanket: I have two different colors of this particular blanket and I love them. My tip is go for the twin size instead of a lap blanket for ample coverage.

5. Lavish Hand Cream: Since I am washing my hands about a bizillion times more hand cream is a must. I also love this on because of its beautiful lemon smell. It feels like a little midday spa treatment.

6. Foamer: Since you now wear all the hats including at home barista you are going to nee a foamer. It will change your latte life.

7. Insulated Cup: It's about treating yourself to the little things, right? These cups keep hot things hot, and cold things cold for three hours. And it's pretty, and that matters.

8. Notebooks: Whether you are documenting your new normal, brainstorming a new business plan or just need to take notes during the morning virtual staff meeting give your notebooks a refresh.

What did I miss? What has made your new WFH life a little better?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Squad Life: How to Get Involved in Your Community with Molly Knuth

Small towns can be an interesting place. I mean a lot of us LOVE our small towns. A lot of us feel lost in our small town or feel like it has nothing to offer. Molly Knuth is a small town Iowa girl who not only is working to make the town of Cascade a better place to live, but she is also growing her social media marketing company her small town.

Molly and I both agree that when it comes to living in a small town getting involved is a two way street. You have to be willing to put yourself out there, try new things, put some elbow grease into a project. On the flip side if you have been a resident in your town or community for a long time it can be easy to get stuck in your ways without realizing it. To outsiders or newcomers it can feel like there is a wall up even though that may not be your intention.

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Molly's Recommendations:
Book: Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face
Squad: Sweat Inspire Sisterhood
Make Up: Covergirl Mascara

Carilynn's Favorites:
Squad: @seriouslysabrina, Jen Hatmaker, Danielle HaydenSheriden Wimmer 
Make Up: Wet and Wild Megalast Catsuit Lipstick in Rebel Rose
Book: Michelle Obama Becoming 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Squad Life: When Chip Gaines Calls You with Carilynn Coombs

Imagine driving in your old truck, down a dusty Kentucky road. The windows are rolled down because the A/C doesn't work and you've got two kids in the backseat.

Now imagine while you are in this situation Chip Gaines calls your cellphone. It happened to my friend Carilynn Coombs. Two years ago Carilynn and her family, who are third generation dairy farmers, found themselves in the worst scenario possible. They lost their milk contract and couldn't find another. That meant the cows had to go. In 90 days they lost their business, and then Chip Gaines called.

Now I don't want you to think that Chip and Joanna magically solved all of the Coombs family business problems. These are hardworking, "we'll figure it out" kind of people. As Carilynn puts it "if you have enough fight in you, you can do exactly what you want."

However, through a unique partnership between the Coombs family and the team at Magnolia there is a new business plan in place. First the Jericho Farmhouse ice cream trailer, then a farm store where you can buy products direct from the farmer, and one day a dairy processing plant. The day the processing plant opens will be the day that a new group of cows return to the farm. The Coombs family will be in complete control of their product and how it will be marketed. Everyday they are taking steps to make the new dream a reality.

Carilynn and her family outsider of the Jericho Farmhouse Ice Cream Trailer

If you have ever thought, "I don't know how we'll get through this," this is the episode for you.

Carilynn's Favorites:
Squad: @seriouslysabrina, Jen Hatmaker, Danielle Hayden, Sheriden Wimmer 
Make Up: Wet and Wild Megalast Catsuit Lipstick in Rebel Rose
Book: Michelle Obama Becoming 

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