Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm OK with my decision about Chipotle

Seven years ago I gave up Chipotle, and each time I see another one of their half-truth advertising campaigns I couldn't be happier. Chipotle has release another video (I'm not linking to it, as a refuse to give it more attention).

If you would like a description of the Chipotle video you can check out this great blog by potato farmers Black Gold Farms.

Now not everyone has jumped off the No More Chipotle Bandwagon as fast as I have. However, today this is another young woman named Diana, who is a pork producers in Michigan, that will also no longer eat at Chipolte. Why? Well because of a conversation with Chipotle corporate spokesperson, Chris Arnold. If you are still on the fence about Chipotle I hope you will take a minute and read her blog.

Diana sums up her thoughts with this.
“…wouldn’t it be a better company policy to just not lose any customers to shady marketing techniques?” I asked. And Arnold came back with a non-answer, but a telling one: “Our portrayals are doing exactly what they are intended to do,” he responded. And remember, at this point, what they are “intended to do” has become pretty obvious: “teach” people (who don’t know any better and have no frame of reference to realize they’re being misled) Chipotle’s skewed version of American agriculture in such an entertaining way they’ll be inclined to tell their friends and then take the whole clan out for “ethical” food marketed by (apparently) unethical people.
I like this girl a lot.

Chipotle thinks I am and many of my friends are Big Ag/Factory Farming because we use modern techniques like using antibiotics when our animals are sick. Yet, this company who is providing me with "amazing natural, antibiotic ethically raised meat" still admits to using 15-20% of the other stuff (the kind of meat that my family raises) because they can't source enough meat that hasn't been raised to meet their guidelines. The stuff that is portrayed in their new movie as the really bad stuff, the stuff that they are trying to save you from, is the stuff they still can end up selling you! Yup, real ethical.


  1. I'm getting super sick of all this shady advertising too!

    1. It is really disappointing. A&W Canada, Panera & Chipolte have all taken this shady road.


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