Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life on the Farm: A Week of Instagram

What a week it has been. We had six consecutive days of rain and that meant no planting could happen in our part of Iowa. However, that did mean major progress on our basement renovations and a start on the guest bedroom update.

Last Thursday we made a trip over to Cedar Falls, IA to watch the Farmland movie. It was awesome. Make sure you check out the Farmland website to see if the movie is playing near you. The movie is also supposed to be coming out on DVD this summer. One of the highlights of the night was meeting my Instagram/blogger friend Nicole aka Farm Girl Chaos. She is an amazing dessert baker, junk lover and awesome farm girl. She made the Boy and I these awesome keychains

After peeling what seemed liked a million glow in the dark stars off the ceiling of our guest bedroom, I then primer the walls and started testing neutral paint colors. I pretty much have no idea what I want because the floors are currently getting refurnished a darker color and I know one day these room will serve a different purpose (dare a nursery in the far distance future). Why is picking a color so hard? 

Our last calf was finally born, and it was another heifer calf. We have way more heifers than bulls this year. It is so fun to watch all of the calves growing like weeds right now. This little girl looks itty bitty next to our January heifer calves, but she'll grow fast. 

Remember when I said is had been raining non-stop, well on Sunday it stopped! Therefor, planting corn and soybeans has resumed. And that means the Boy and I are pretty much on exact opposite schedules again. He gets in the tractor between 8 and 10 p.m. every night and then gets home at 8 a.m. and goes to bed while I am starting my work day. This has been going on for the past three days, and will continue until either it rains or they finish planting. If you are on Twitter or Instagram follow #plant14 for a lot of cool updates and photos.  

How has your week been? Have you noticed more tractors in your area or is your family enjoying the green grass and slightly warmer temperature? 


  1. I saw Farmland last Thursday too! Good movie!

  2. I love how activity in the countryside has increased this week. I took my mother-in-law to run errands yesterday and loved seeing tractors pretty much every mile!

  3. So this is probably a dumb question; but why do you plant at night?

    1. Darcy, we can plant both corn and soybeans as long as the weather conditions are right. Thanks to a few days of 24 hour tillage and planting we are done!


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