Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Beauty Loves

This summer I have been trying some new finds. I think if I had to narrow the list down to only four awesome products these would be the ones I would choose.

1. This summer I cut my hair short and although it is way thicker I still need help in the volume department. I love this new Dry Bar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse. I originally bought this in a three pack with the Dry Bar Hairspray and Dry Shampoo. Loved the mousse, really disliked the other two products. I am now on my second bottle of the Southern Belle Mousse and I think I have convinced several other friends to give it a try too. 

2. I LOVE Benefit's Fake Up Concealer. The outer layer is like a chapstick that moisturizes, thus leaving the concealer creamy. This concealer won't crease or settle into fine lines. It comes in three shades and the light is a perfect match for me. 

3. I finally started taking a multi vitamin again and I can tell a difference. I really don't like vitamins, but I love gummies, making these One A Day vitamins perfect. I can tell a big difference in how fast my nails and hair grows. 

4. I received this Deep Down Detox Mud Mask in one of my Beauty Swap packages. I try to use it once a week and I think my skin looks healthier, brighter and it feels firmer. Plus, at $5 you can't beat the price. 

Speaking of the Beauty Swap, I think we'll get one going here in a few weeks so start watching the blog again for details. What have been a few of your favorite beauty products this summer? Do you have any old standbys or have your found some new favorites. 


  1. I'm so glad you like the mask! It was honestly a random pick of what I would try, ha ha. My favorite is the Fake Up Concealer that you got for me. It doesn't melt and it doesn't crease, which is huge in the summer. I cannot wait for the next Beauty Swap.

  2. Benefit anything is awesome, I am in the market for some new concealer so I might have to try the Fake Up.

    1. I think you would really like it. I can always tell a beauty product is great when I actually use the whole container and have to buy a replacement as fast as possible.


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