Sunday, February 15, 2015

Easy Devil's Food Cake

Have you ever made what you thought would be a perfect chocolate cake to only take it out the pan and it falls apart? Well the next time you are either A. asking yourself what to do with a broken cake or B. just craving Devil's Food Cake, this recipe will help you solve your problem. My mom helped me come up with it when I was just a little girl, when we were faced with a similar problem.  Our chocolate cake stuck to the pan, and we needed to figure out how to save that evening's dessert. Now this Easy Devil's Food Cake is a family favorite. 

- One chocolate cake (I usually just pick a box chocolate cake. You'll likely need eggs and oil to make the cake according to recipe). 
- 1 can of cherry pie filling
- 1-2 tubs of Cool Whip (I really like Cool Whip so I used two). If you are feeling extra fancy you can use real whipping cream.

1. Bake the chocolate cake accruing to instructions, and then let cool 
2. Tear the chocolate cake into chunks and set aside in a bowl

3. In a large salad or dessert bowl put down a layer of Cool Whip, then a layer of cake, then a layer of cherry pie, repeat until all of the ingredients are used. I like to end with a layer of Cool Whip. If you want to dress up the dessert add some chocolate shaving to the top. 

The last time I made this recipe I didn't need all of the chocolate cake. So I put the remaining cake in a freezer bag and froze it for the next time I want to make the recipe. 


  1. This sounds so good! I never make box cakes but I just did over Valentine's Day and I might be hooked ; )

    1. The one thing I like about boxed cakes is I always know they will turn out delicious!

  2. I make this every year for Easter! We use food coloring to color each layer of whipped cream.

    1. Ooh that is a good idea. I'll have to remember that the next time I make it.


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