Friday, December 11, 2015

Beauty Swap Review: Sephora Necessities

Hello beauty product lovers! It is time for my Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap (#ccbeautyswap) review. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Beauty Swap a little bit of background. In December gals signed up, and then I matched them up with a partner. The partners chat about their beauty product loves, and things they might want to try and then they swap packages. This go round I also had the help of my friend Myla at the Purple Front Door!

My partner Carly is a fellow Iowa gal. She is a Sephora loving gal, and slowly becoming addicted to MAC like me, so of course in her package I had to send her some of my favorite MAC products. I'm kind of a bad swapper or maybe a super excited one because Carly sent me my package in the cutest package, and I kind of tore it a part before I even remembered to take a picture of it.

Carly was spot on with her peppermint colors and Chai tea. She also sent me these awesome bobby pins. The seriously don't move. I'm on the road now and they are packed someone in my suitcase so I'll update you with the brand later on. However, these two products in the box were really the stars.
I was SO excited to receive this sleeping mask from Sephora. I've tried the Sephora sheet face masks before, and one of the Sephora eye sheet masks sitting in my make-up draw. Starting this weekend and through Christmas I am going to be on 14 different flights. That is not a typo. Flying is hard on your skin. My hair dresser actually recommended these masks and wears them while flying. Her skin loves her even though the passengers may think she looks like Freddy Krueger. I was thinking about doing the same on our flight to Hawaii, but now this sleeping mask, which is a cream is going to be a much better option. 

Next, is the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bachelorette. One of my original Beauty Swap partners Ashley at Messy Kennedy raves about this lipstick. Now I will admit you have to be careful applying it. The color is INTENSE, and since the formula is liquidy, technical make-up term there, it is pretty easy to color out of the lines. However, once you’ve got it in place it isn’t going anywhere. I’ll definitely be purchasing more lipsticks out of this line.

Now it's your turn. I want you to either comment below or link up with your reviews. You can also check out my Crystal Cattle Pinterest Board for some great reviews and inspirations. If you missed out on this swap be sure to follow my blog or Facebook page so you can get in on the next! 


  1. I've been wanting to try the KVD liquid lipstick. I just haven't bit the bullet yet.

  2. You can see what I received on my Instagram @hdprkr.

  3. Check out my #ccbeautyswap review at:

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  5. I'm totally adding a wintery/berry colored lipstick to my list of 'must haves'! Fly safe and have a Merry Christmas! I enjoyed co-hosting with you. :)


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