Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts for Foodie Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner and although I am not a mom myself, I know my mom always loves to receive a new kitchen gadget or something that connects her to her food. As farmers we are lucky to not only raise the beef that our family gets to consume, but our beef also enters the food chain so that families around the country have the possibility of enjoying it.

1. Krista of The Farmer's Wifee loves Vintage Pyrex! However, if you aren't the flee market scouting, antique hunting kind of girl don't worry because Pyrex brought back their vintage designs in their new Vintage Charm Rise Shine Mixing Bowl Set. You can also find individual pieces at Plus, they are turquoise!
2. Cristen of Food and Swine is the ultimate combination of pig farmer and foodie. Cristen loves the Themapen Mk4 Thermometer. It features instant temperature read outs. The fact that is is waterproof sold me because have the time ours get left our by the Traeger. Cristen is also a snap-chatting fool. I love getting to see inside their family's pig barns. Baby pigs are adorable. 
3. Bekah Gutafson of Cooped Up Creativity and I both love this next gadget. This food chopper for onions from Pampered Chef is awesome. My mother-in-law bought on for me after loving hers so much. No more tears! 

4. Does your foodie mom also love photography? They you are going to want to order this gorgeous coffee table book full of photographs featuring farmers and ranchers that raise our food. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy by author/photographer Scott Stebner. Plus, proceeds go toward scholarships to support agricultural communications and journalism students.  

5. Jennifer of the Farmwife Feeds loves her buffet style triple slow cooker. How nice would this be fun entertaining or when you have a bunch of hungry kiddo mouths to feed. She also shared a great recipe for Creamy Crockpot Mac and Cheese

What am I missing off the list? Maybe a home cooked meal would be the perfect treat for mom. I hope all the moms out there have a fantastic Mother's Day! 


  1. Great ideas for Mother's Day, or any day! I have my eye on the vintage Pyrex :)

  2. I love that food chopper, I use mine constantly.

    Anthropologie has these measuring spoons and cups that are SO gorgeous. I asked for them for my birthday and love them so much...I won't let the kids near them. "USE THE METAL CUPS!!"

  3. My mom is totally a foodie mom. However, this year she actually told me what she wanted--a Fitbit! I love when people give me hints. It makes shopping stress-free!


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