Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Addicted to Noosa

If you have been following my social media for the past few weeks you'll notice a trend... I can't get enough of Noosa yoghurt aka the most amazing food in the world next to beef (I'm a cattle woman I've got to stick it steak at the stop of the list). And now all my friends have been sending me how much they heart Noosa.

New life goals: get as many people as possible addicted, drive us milk prices to help dairy farmers and become a Noosa spokesperson.

Noosa is an Australian style yoghurt. I'm not much of a yoghurt person but I had heard some other people sing its rave reviews. When our local grocery store started carrying it I decided to give it a shot. Raspberry and Key Lime were first on the list. OMG it was amazing.

Since that time I have tried pumpkin, Bhakti chai (it tastes like chai tea/a spiced muffin), lemon (kind of tart like lemon meringue), mango, key lime (description below) and blackberry serrano (description below) and there hasn't been a flavor that hasn't been amazing. Noosa isn't like Greek Yogurt it isn't so sour. It is also really creamy, kind of like pudding.

I also describe it as fresh tasting. The flavors, whether fruity or savory, aren't artificial tasting at at. It literally has pumpkin puree in the pumpkin flavor.

Yes, it did. 
Other things that you should know, since I have become a Noosa expert.

It is made in Colorado. The milk comes from a dairy farm ran by a fourth generation dairy farmer. Pretty cool, hun?

There are 23 flavors. Key Lime is probably my favor flavor so far. It tastes just like cheesecake. The Blackberry Serano is the bomb too. I want to try blueberry, peach, blood orange, salted caramel and vanilla.

Spicy yoghurt? Yeah, I was skeptical but Blackberry Seranno is so good. Just enough kick, but the yoghurt keeps it cool and creamy. It reminds me of the jalapeño jelly that you put over cream cheese.

So far I have found that Target's have the best selection, but Noosa has a form on their website that you can fill out to request that the manager carries other flavors. I'm going to just put ALL on mine.

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