Monday, April 30, 2018

When Farmers Have Black Thumbs

This is a sponsored post by Theisen's Home Farm & Auto. All opinions and views are entirely my own. 

I have a confession to make. Our picturesque farm isn't always picture perfect. Things that I am good at on our farm. 1. Raising calves. 2. Feeding cattle. 3. Killing every thistle in sight. Things that I am not good. 1. Growing stuff other than grass 2. Painting fence/building. 3. Raising things other than cows. 

Every spring I get super excited because all the farm stores start to put out their flowers and vegetables. I mean going to a farm store like Theisen's has its perks. They have popcorn. Like really good popcorn. Old Navy or Target does not serve popcorn. 

However, over the years I have recognized that I am a poor flower and vegetable farmer. We would end up with scurvy if we had to raise our own food because all we would have it beef. Yet, walking amongst all the gorgeous plants at Theisen's I knew there had to be something that I could grow. Enter the sweet Theisen ladies and HERBS. They promised me that I could conquer these and when I saw these tea time varieties I knew it was destiny. Yup, that is herb is called chocolate mint. I mean how could I resist? 

The best part about these tea herbs is your can use these to make tea. You take green tea and then a few of these fresh leaves boil and strain. So now I can look at our falling down fences while sipping tea on our porch. Ah, farm life. 

Last fall, we had some fence posts start to rot, and then a windstorm happened early spring knocking a section of fence over. New posts had to be reset and unfortunately wood fence posts don't come in the color white. So, that means painting by this lady because the the boy is currently planting rows and rows of corn and soybeans. 

The staff at Theisen's recommended a mitt would be the way to go. I painted some fence last summer with a roller, and I wish I had this mitt back then. They also recommended that I wear a latex glove under the mitt because although it has a lining the paint would likely soak through. Another good call. 

It was nice to visit a store that had multiple people willing to help. With strong roots in agriculture they have literally everything whether it be something for you home town, acreage or farm. I mean there was a WHOLE section on bee keeping, which is something I would love to do but I figured I maybe should do some reading first. There are 23 Theisen stores across Iowa and Wisconsin. You can use their store locator to find the nearest store to you so you can get started with #springatTheisens.

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  1. Ooooo! I need one of those mitts, that would be way easier! And I second the popcorn at Theisen’s being a family fave.

  2. I'm interested to hear how your tea herbs work this year!


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