Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Squad Life: Kindness is Courageous

Ever come across a person on social media and you are immediately drawn into their story? That is exactly how I felt when I stumbled across Nicole Phillips. Anyone that knows me knows that I value positivity and kindness. I believe by embodying these to actions we can change our lives, and Nicole is proof of exactly that.

An author, Breast Cancer survivor, flower girl in her mother's prison chapel wedding and former beauty queen, Nicole Phillips used kindness to change her perspective and life. Nicole shares how even though she had everything she wanted she was depressed, on the edge of being an alcoholic, unhealthy and felt like life was mundane. It was a single encounter that flipped her life around and set her on the path of spreading kindness and teaching others how to find more joy in their everyday lives.

Nicole's Book: Kindness is Courageous
Nicole's Book Recommendation: The Kindness Challenge
Favorite Beauty Product: Buxom Lip Gloss

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