Monday, June 15, 2020

Yes, I shave my face.

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I'm going to start off by saying don't knock it until you try it. And I would bet money on it that once you try it you are going to love it. I started shaving my face a couple years ago. I didn't have some mustache that I was trying to hid. Instead I was really curious about the skincare benefits.

You may have noticed that I have REALLY blonde hair. The thought of is this peach fuzz going to grow back darker when I shave it off definitely crossed my mind. However, I did my research and talked with my esthetician and she reassured me that wouldn't be the case.

Why would you want to shave off that peach fuzz? Shaving your face is just another way that you can exfoliate your skin. No matter how much moisturizer you use, if you never exfoliate to remove the dead skin your products aren't going to be able to sink into the skin. You spend good money on clean, effective products you don't want them just sitting on top of your peach fuzz or skin.

Exfoliating also has huge benefits for fine lines. Think about the men in your life. Have you ever noticed somehow their skin isn't aging the same way yours is despite them only using bar soap? That's right they shave their face and you don't.

I also love how much smoother my makeup goes on without that peach fuzz acting as a barrier.

So what should you use? For me this facial razor has been the easiest to maneuver. You can also use a men's razor. Regardless of what you use you want something that is sharp and clean. I typically only use a blade 1-2 times. This will also help prevent breakouts.

I start by wetting my face and then apply a moisturizing cleanser. This will help reduce friction and irritation. Next, grab your blade and hold it at a 45 degree angle. Use short strokes and go in the direction the hair grows. Be very careful around your eyebrows and hair line. After you are done wipe your face clean, and be sure to moisturize well. I love to give my skin an extra drink with this hyaluronic acid, and then will apply my daily moisturizer.

My skin look best when I do this weekly, but sometime I get a little lax and it ends up being every other week. So are you in? I can't wait to hear how it goes because I am betting that you will love it!

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