Friday, February 22, 2013

Blizzard of OZ on the Range

It is snowing across a fair chunk of the Midwest this week. We got about four inches is what they are telling me, but Kansas got dumped on. When winter weather hits there are a couple big priorities for farmers and ranchers - get the livestock fed, break ice in the waters, and start pushing snow so you can get around.

I was sent this video by an Kansas rancher, Derek Klingenberg, last night and I wanted to share. The video is so pretty and music is so soothing that you kind of forget that he is probably going this in single degree temps (maybe even lower with the windchill). #thankafarmer

p.s. are any of you excited to go see the new Wizard of Oz movie? The name is slipping me right now, but the Boy really wants to go see it.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Many people forget that a farmer never takes a snow day. I smiled everytime I saw the cattle run and buck coming to eat!

  2. Thanks Crystal. We had similar weather here in Eastern Colorado and it is always a wonder to me that our cattle can handle such extreme weather. But, they're happy as can be when we pull in with a bale and some protein pellets. Now I just need to ask Santa for a bale bed next year!

    Thanks again.
    Caleb Schultz

  3. Beautiful video. Taking care of cattle is a 24/7/365, can't call in when you can't get to the 'office'. They look like happy happy cows...


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