Thursday, May 23, 2013

A week of Instagram: Shellac, Beef and Poshmark

The weeks are flying by. I seriously can not believe that we are almost through May. When June 1 hits our crazy life becomes crazy. For work we have several big events that we are a part of that stretch over 42 day, and 30 of those days I am on the road. Oh, and did I mention we have to pack and move to our farm in there? Yes, it's crazier. But we are also incredibly blessed so I am just going to keep rolling with it. So what was going on this week?

We finished planting all our corn and soybeans! The boy, his family and the other members worked nonstop (and I do mean nonstop) to get all our crop in the ground. I spent a little bit in the tractor one night riding with the Boy. Now we wait for it to sprout out of the ground!

Poshmark = Addicting. I have sold more than $100 worth of items on Poshmark now and it has become additive to see what else I can find in my closet to sell. It has also really made me decide what I wear all the time and what can go. I figure the cash is helping pay for all those summer wedding dresses I bought and less clothes in the closet means less to move in July! (If you are on Poshmark leave a comment with your name, I'm Crystal Cattle). 

I had to share this cute picture of this baby calf we call Orb. He was born on the Kentucky Derby and therefore was named after the winner. I was really hoping we would have a Triple Crown Winner this year, but no such luck. This calf looks different than our others because he is out of this black cow and a Hereford bull resulting in the a color pattern we call brockle face. He's cute. 

I've been getting my nails Shellacked (is that how you spell it?) with all these weddings/events we have had going on. My Instagram capture for this was "I don't think this is what they meant by a statement nail." I was so good and went almost two weeks without picking at them. I got them redone the other night in a pale pink and would show you but my hands are a little pooped stained from working cows this morning. That's what farmers do - get poop on their hands so you don't have to. 

And speaking of food... this is some of the beef we raised. I am really proud of the beef the Boy and I are selling this year. We have sold a lot of it privately and then some will be available through Bass Farms in Mount Vernon, Iowa. We have got steaks sitting out for lunch (yes lunch) because tonight we jump on a plane for Canada to spent a weekend with my sister and rest of the family for her big bridal shower. 

I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend planned, and for my Canadian readers I hope you just had an awesome holiday weekend!


  1. Lucky you! I wish we were done with planting! It keeps raining......

    1. Hope you guys have been able to get some in the ground now.


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