Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Guys and Raspberry Coke

I love burgers, which is a good thing. This month is National Beef month so I'll have even more reasons to grab a burger. I have blogged about my love of Five Guys Burgers before but now there is even another reason to visit them... Raspberry Coke!

I was so excited about my Raspberry Coke discovery that I am now just noticing that machine had Coke with Lime. 

Yes, you heard right. Forget about vanilla and cherry it is time to grab a Raspberry Coke. During our hours of Food Network watching the Boy and once watched a show about the history of Coke. During the show it featured something called the Coca-Cola Freestyle. This single machine contains every Coke product that exists and some unexpected twists like Raspberry Coke.

Now, I'll admit when I saw Raspberry Coke I was excited, but nervous. So I only put a little bit in my cup, and it was pretty sweet. So I decided that half a cup of regular Coke and half a cup of Raspberry Coke would be the perfect combo - and it was.

(If you click here you can find the closest Coca-Cola Freestyle to you.)

Nothing washes down a juicy burger like a Raspberry Coke! 


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2013

    I love Five Guys!! Not a coke fan but Five Guys is awesome!!


    1. Kimberley, they had so many different choices! I'm going to have to check out what other new things I can find on this machine!

  2. I love this! I discovered this a few weeks ago, I ended up trying like 10 different kinds of soda. So good!

  3. My grandfather works for coca cola! He installs the freestyle machines and we have a regular vending machine in our garage always stocked with all of cokes products.


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