Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fresh Prince Fresh from the Farm

Remember those good old Kansas farm boys, the Peterson Brothers, that made headlines with their I'm Farming and I Grow It video? Well they are back and this time they are sharing a little more about what happens on a typical farm. The Boy and I rap all the time like this too ;)
Now this is a story all about how 
Our life is spent wiping sweat off our brow
And we'd like to take a minute just to stop and say
What goes down on the farm in a typical day

So you might not see a musical performance like this from the Boy and I, but with Instagram now hosting video you certainly will see more video from see. Can't wait to get home and start making our cows even more famous. To find me on Instagram search CrystalCattle.

p.s. To watch more Peterson Brothers video click here

1 comment:

  1. Great video! I guess I am eventually going to have to join the instagram craze. Behind on that! Maybe this fall as I don't have time this summer...


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