Monday, June 10, 2013

I have fluffy cows too!

Have your heard the Fluffy Cow buzz? It started of Reddit, and then stories showed up on, and

This is the orginial Fluffy Cow. He is actually a bull named Texas Tornado owned by Lautner Farms in Iowa. 

My family also owns some Fluffy Cows. 

This heifer (female cow that hasn't had a baby yet) is named Symphony. We sold her to some people in Tennessee in an auction last February. If you've heard me talk about Parker the Bull Calf, Symphony is his aunt. Yes, cattle can have aunts and uncles. 

So what makes Fluffy cows different from regular cows? Well Symphony was halter broke (broke to lead) when she was a baby so we could show her at the Iowa State Fair. We spent a lot of time washing her, blow drying her (with a giant hair dryer just for cows), adding conditioners to her hair and even giving her hair cuts. The people that now own Symphony are continuing to show her.

So why do we show cattle? 1. It is a great way for us to market our cattle. Obviously by showing Symphony and making sure she looked her best we were able to attract a great buyer for her. 2. Symphony is a breeding heifer so her purpose in life will be to produce other top of the line genetic offspring. 3. Sometimes we do eat Fluffy Cows, these are mostly steers that are shown in 4-H or FFA. These two youth programs teach a lot of responsibility and that hard work is one of the most important pieces to success. 

In this picture you can tell where the different cuts of beef come from. If you are looking for a great beef recipe we dug up this Beef Kabob one that we found last year. The combination of beef and vegetables with the honey & soy sauce glaze is amazing!


  1. I think its awesome that people show cows. It is a great marketing tool. But, that fluffy bull looks like a miniature! For some reason he just doesn't look right. Now your heifer, she looks beautiful! Is it me or do others think that bull looks odd?

    1. CDH, that bull might not be quite as big as other bulls that we see out in the pasture. However, is quite an impressive animal for the kind of calves that these cattlemen are trying to raise. He will go onto to produce many grand champion animals I predict.

  2. I LOVE showing cattle!!! I miss it so much now that I am older and married. I wish I could still do it. I guess that is part of growing up. I married out of the business.......:( I LOVE Fluffy Cows! :)

    1. Heather, hopefully you can find a way for your family to get back into the cow business someday! So many great people and friends to be made.

    2. Heather, maybe you could hire yourself out at a local fair to a needy youth that needs some help or to a 4-H member that needs help or a local cattle person that needs help at a show.


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