Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Perfect Fall Cocktail: The Carmel Apple

Fall is officially here. Around the farm that means seeing not the Boy very much because he has been busy in the fields with harvest. The corn and soybean crop yields have been fairly good, and the late night have given him the opportunity to catch some beautiful sunset photos like this one. You can see more of his photos on Instagram by following @jjbcattleco.

In the evening I have been spending extra time in the barn halter breaking our heifers. Halter breaking means getting the heifers used to being tied up and then eventually teaching them to lead on a halter. We do this for two reasons, 1. We'll being exhibiting some of these heifers at cattle shows later in their lives so they will definitely need to know how to lead and act like a show heifer. Another group of heifers will be sold and we like them to be as calm and quiet as possible for the new owners. and 2. Halter breaking calms the heifers down. We try to get them as use to people as possible so there is less stress on them when we are handing them.

All of these farm fall activities make me crave other things like my Apple Cookies. And that recipe requires a little apple cider. However, it only seems that apple cider comes in a big containers. Which led to a quart of apple cider in the fridge and the boy creating the perfect, most amazing adult cocktail ever.

The Carmel Apple

3 oz. Apple Cider
1 oz. Spiced Rum

That's all you need for an adult beverage that tastes just like a Carmel Apple. Hope you enjoy, and while you are enjoying think of the farmers who are working hard to finish harvest and loving the farm life.

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  1. Yum, I love apple cider so I'm definitely gonna have to try that one!


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