Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion Wants vs Farm Needs

I've been thinking about this post for awhile now, and I am thinking there probably will be a part two.

Many of my favorite blogs are wrote by some extremely stylish fashionable ladies. Their daily posts give inspiration to the hot new looks, classics pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe and bring awareness to the million and one online boutiques. One of my favorite tools on Instagram is the #liketkit hashtag on Instagram. Once you register at, you can like any photo on Instagram with the #liketkit hashtag and you get an email letting you know where you can purchase the items that the fashionista is wearing. 

There have been more than once instance where thing that is exactly the sweater, shoes, pair of jeans that I need in my closet. And then I see the price tag. What wait! Those pants are $200 and her top is $170 and the shoes $225? 

Which leads me to this photo. 

I really would like a pair of leather two-tone leggings. You know the ones that all the fashion bloggers are wearing ;) Just like these nearly $400 leather front Pixie pants from J.Crew. I know they would look amazing with about three different shirts I have in my closet. However, we have a farm. And cows who like to eat. 

During the summer our cows eat grass, semi "free" food. I would say completely free but our farm isn't paid off yet so technically that farm payment means not free grass. As we move into Fall the grass loses nutrition. This means we need to supplement feed that contains energy and protein to our cows so that they stay in good body condition and the baby calves growing in their bellies receive adequate nutrition. 

On the right side of the picture is something called a protein tub (we feed VitaFerm's Pow'R Lyk tub - shameless plug for the company I work for). It contains protein, vitamins and minerals for our cows. Today, I could have bought a $398 pair of pants or I could have bought three protein tubs to feed our cows. These three tubs will feed our 30 cows for 20 days, and then I'll have to buy more tubs. 

On the left is a beautiful pair Tory Burch sandals. It seems like every fashion blogger and quite a few friends own a pair. On the right we have an antibiotic called Draxxin. Yes, these nearly $200 sandals are beautiful however, when the we have cattle take are sick and our veterinarian says that we need to treat our calves with an antibiotic we choose the calves over my feet. This bottle of Draxxin would treat nine 500 lb. calves and costs just over $200. 

Now I am not saying my closet is deprived, and my husband is pretty darn awesome. If I pleaded my case that I needed another Kendra Scott pair of earrings or a new pair of boots I could make it happen. However, I don't think I would feel right. Our farm is really important to us. There are a lot of things that we have to buy because our cattle rely on us, and there are other things that are an investment in our farming business. And when you can buy these Old Navy faux-leather look alike leggings for $30, the fashion blogger $300 leggings don't make too much sense. 

So instead of going on an online shopping spree each week. We'll budget out our money and I'll save up for those on trend wardrobe pieces and accessory treats that I can layer over my Target and J.Crew Factory sales tops. 

p.s. Don't forget that we are currently hosting our Fall Beauty Swap. Be sure to check out all the details. 


  1. Great post! And such truth - my motto is "If it's not on sale, we don't need it."

  2. Awesome post - I struggle with this all the time except with horses! Especially since Hyatt is still a student!

  3. This was such a clever post! I've been eying those TB sandals for a while now, but decided to put off buying them at least until next Spring as my toes probably won't be making much of an appearance as we move from Fall to Winter.

  4. BTW, when looking for something like jewelry, look to artisans instead of stores. You will get a better product for less money and you will help a small/micro business.

    Yep, I make jewelry.

    There are a lot of artisan out there that need more sales.

    The next purse I buy will be a handmade ones from a artisan in Ark. I will be able to get a handmade leather purse for around $150 and it may well out last me. Their purses will often stand up to over 10 years of everyday use.

  5. I have plenty of fashion wants, but definitely have to skip them because of needs. I am trying to decide on a pair of boots for fall but am some where between "do I just want these, or do I really need them".


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