Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poshmark, Rudolph Stamps, GMOs and everything in between!

Harvest 2014 is complete! And that is a good things because we have snow and it is really cold out. Like Canada cold, but colder. And I can say Canada cold because I grew up there. Since you probably don't want to see another "it cold, there is snow on the ground picture" I'll share some other Instagram snaps.

The oven has been busy. This cook book is one that my great aunt put together. It is easily my favorite cookbook because the recipes are simple, delicious and remind me of family!

This year one of my personal goals is to get more involved in Iowa agriculture on a leadership level. Yes, we are involved raising cattle and crops on Iowa land, but I want to be able to share with others the benefits of agriculture on a larger scale within our state. Last week, I attended my first Iowa Agri Women meeting and I loved it. I learned about a great website www.GMOanswers.com and even met a blogging/social media friends, Kellie from Home Again Finnegan, in real life! She has a true passion for agriculture and conservation. I think I asked her a million questions! The next time Iowa Agri Women is meeting is in February. If you are from Iowa or know of a friend in Iowa who would like to join in let me know. 

Oh yes, wonderful Poshmark. I'm still sending out packages and receiving them. Including buying a pair of 7 for Mankind $130 jeans for $25. Score. I also have developed a love of colored Duck Tape! 

I am so ready for Christmas! And I am in love with these Rudolph Christmas stamps. Do you think it would be appropriate to use them year round? 

To follow more of my Instagram fun search for @CrystalCattle. Are you an Instagrammer? 


  1. I told Ty last week that anytime it is colder than our honeymoon here in Texas, things are not good. Ha! Canada cold. I like it.

    1. Yes, and now you officially know what Canada cold is because of your honeymoon!

  2. Aww your packages are so cute! Maybe you have Vinted account too http://www.vinted.com/ ? I would love to buy something from you as it comes in such a nice packaging

  3. I just recently joined Poshmark (because I knew you had used it in the past) to start cleaning out my closet a little bit! There are tons of great deals there, in fact it's pretty dangerous to have around.


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