Monday, December 29, 2014

New Bedding for a New Year

2015 is only days away. A new year means new beginnings including the new bedding that we put out this weekend. However, I'm not talking about this kind of bedding (although it is really pretty, and I love this look!)

I'm talking about this kind of bedding. 

On January 1st we have three cows due to calve. Although, the weather in Iowa has been amazingly warm, but it is about to get really cold, and that means we need to start planning for the new calves that will be coming soon. But things don't magically look like this. 

First we had to shovel out all the old bedding and get it clean. Thankfully those doors push open and we used a skid steer to push most of it out. 

Then we bring in the cattle bedding aka plain yellow straw. That's what cattle prefer over gold polka dotted bedding. The Boy is also in the picture waving or maybe saying under his breathe get over here and help me shake out this bedding. 

Lot of shaking happens and the panels go back up. You can't see it from this picture put there is a gate only bigger enough for the calves to fit under. This way they can sneak into their bedding and take a warm nap away from their moms. We change out the bedding throughout the winter to keep the calves happy and healthy. 

You can also check out my post from last year My Bedroom Compared to a Cow's Bedroom to see what the bedding looks like for the adult cows. To get details on the bedding and furniture in the top picture click here


  1. You're awesome.

    I always love that you just make things easy peasy plain as day to understand.

    That first bedding set is so pretty, eh?

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2017

    This post is much helpful for us.thank you so much.


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