Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What's Really Wrong With the Bachelor's Bachelorettes

Last night Season 19 of the Bachelor aired and this year it features a bachelor farmer! Chris Soules is his name and he actually farms about 30 miles north of our farm. Throughout the show limo after limo showed up of beautiful eligible young ladies hoping to be The Future Mrs. Soules. I watched all three hours of the show (well technically I had to pause it because we had a new born baby calf) and the women range from talented, eloquent, drunk and quirky. Throughout and after the show there were MANY comments along the lines of:

"My opinion and thought.....if you are going to have a farmer on the Bachelor why not find some real country girls to be on the show to possibly be a farmer's wife!"

"She's way too made up in her prom dress to make it on the farm."

"She'll never survive in a small town."

So what is wrong with these comments? Shouldn't the producers picked girls straight off the farm (no pun intended).

Here is what is wrong. 

1. We talk about how the average age of a farmer is 55 years old, and that we need young people to be involved in agriculture. Well what about welcome new, young people to agriculture. So what if these women didn't grow up in agriculture? I know plenty of women (and men like my brother-in-law) that didn't grow up in ag, but were more than willing to join our crowd when they met their farmer. And these people are important parts of their farm or agriculture operations. Jenny of Prairie California is a great example. 

2. What is wrong with knowing how to wear a cocktail dress and put on make-up. I like MAC make-up, J.Crew, hairspray and jewelry. That does not mean that I don't know how to pull a calf, feed cattle, work cows and most recently I learned how to drive the skid steer. Looking Pretty in Agriculture is a blog post I wrote a few year about about when people say "You don't look like you grew up on a farm."

3. You know what, small towns won't survive if we don't welcome new people. I grew up in a small town, but trust me it is intimidating to be the knew girl in town. Especially when the social circles are small and well established. After I moved away from my small rural town I lived in some pretty big cities. Nowadays the closest GAP and Banana Republic are more than an hour away. The only MAC store in the state of Iowa is 2.5 hours, and it isn't even a stand alone store it is in Yonkers. That doesn't mean that I can't find what I need online and be creative about where I shop to get my style fix. 

So what's really wrong with theses bachelorettes? Nothing. Let's stop before we cast judgement about whether these Bachelor women can make it as a farm wife. I think their future #BachelorFarmer can make that determination. And if you are a city gal or farm gal check out these two eligible #BachelorFarmer friends. 


  1. Wise, wise words! Sitting back and passing judgement is so easy... much like those armchair quarterback or couch jockeys!

  2. I am among those surprised there weren't any farm/ranch/biotech/science/vet type professions represented. Not because I don't think the ladies that did make the show aren't suitable, but because there are some super smart, talented, beautiful single gals within ag and too, many of which can easily hold their own in the hair, makeup and knowing how to dress categories. I just went into the night waiting to see a gorgeous vet, or soil scientist mixed in among the teacher and makeup artist. I guess a little disappointed that the show didn't provide the diversity in occupations it could have is more my stance than thinking those who did make it couldn't work with Chris.

  3. I haven't been keeping up with the Bachelor (but I plan on watching it marathon style on Hulu) when I have a free minute.I will totally agree that just because you wear makeup and like fashion doesn't mean you can't cut it as a farmer (or a horse person). I'm really curious to get caught up now.


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