Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bachelor: Real Bachelorette Farmers

Last week the world got to meet Chris Soules, aka the new Bachelor Farmer and start of Season 19 of ABC's The Bachelor. Everyone as go to meet two of my bachelor farmer friends. However, I also have many lady friends that are pretty spectacular Bachelorette Farmers.

As a side note many of you have inquired about these bachelors and I assume you might have questions about these lovely ladies. Although, I won't be giving out anyone's email addresses or phone numbers they are pretty easy to find on Instagram and/pr Twitter. Feel free to reach out, you never know what could happen! So, without further ado I introduce you to Hannah and Kristi. These ladies have strong agriculture roots, but combine that with intelligence, ambitions and high heels.

First I introduce you to Hannah. Hannah and I met while I was working for the American Angus Association. This gal has spunk. She has a passion for adventure, cherishes her family and loves anytime she gets to spend around cows of both the beef and dairy varieties. 

Name: Hannah McCabe
Age: 23
Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I grew up in Elk City, Kansas, but I moved to Liverpool, New York about a year and a half ago.
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Representative for Cattle

How are you involved in agriculture? I grew up on an Angus and Hereford farm where I was involved in every single aspect from freeze branding, clipping bulls for the sale or putting up hay in the summer. In fact, my siblings and I often joke that my parents had so many kids simply for free labor on our 'plantation' (they LOVE it when we say this!). Today with my job, I spend the majority of my time focusing on dairy cows, since that's mostly what is found in upstate NY. The challenge of learning a totally new industry with completely different priorities for production and health issues has been really fun!
So you work with dairy farmers all day, you love cows, and you've stepped in poop but what is one thing that would surprise people about you? I asked a few people in my family this, and they all replied, "Hannah, NOTHING you do anymore surprises me", with varying degrees of sarcasm. But one thing that has been getting an eyebrow raise from everyone I tell would be my plans to go to Iceland this spring.

What would be your favorite thing to do on date? If someone wanted to take me to an Adele concert, I don't care who you are, you would win best date ever for sure! (When is she going to release that new album?!) But really I just want to be doing something fun. I love experiencing new things and am up for almost anything! As long as the time spent is quality and there's cake involved at some point, I'm satisfied.
Favorite activity off the farm? Traveling to new places for sure! Domestic or international, doesn't matter to me. As I said before, I love experiencing new things, learning about different cultures and seeing all things you hear about growing up.
Favorite activity on the farm? As weird as this is, I LOVE to A.I. (artificially insemenate cows)! Ever since I learned in high school, it has been my favorite activity. But really, I'm pretty happy to do anything as long as it doesn't involve building hot wire fence around wheat pasture for winter grazing.
Favorite movie? Steel Magnolias- not even a contest. And if I find out one of my friends has never seen it, I immediately plan a movie night to fix that!

Follow Hannah on Instagram at @therealhannahmccabe

Next up is Kristi. Kristi is a dear friend of mine! She actually is how the Boy and I finally met and started dating. She is career driven, extremely passionate about standing up for agriculture and bleeds Oklahoma State orange.

Name: Kristi Bishop
Age: 29
Where did you grow up and where do you live now: I was raised in southeastern Montana, however I've lived in Oklahoma for nearly 10 years! 

Occupation: Prospective Students Coordinator, Oklahoma State University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. I recruit students to pursue degrees in agriculture and natural resources and facilitate leadership development programs for current students. Never a dull day working with high school and college aged students...and their moms.

What's your agriculture background? I grew up on my families cow-calf ranch raising Hereford cattle, barley, wheat and eventually sugar beets! College took me to Oklahoma State University where I received both my bachelor and master degrees in Animal Science.
You have also have a background in politics why are you so passionate about agriculture? My passion comes from a desire to help protect production agriculture from unnecessary burdens imposed by government such as land use restrictions, infringements on private property rights and ill-advised protections for endangered species. My first job after grad school was as a lobbyist and I've stayed engaged in the legislative process primarily through my involvement with American Agri-Women, a group that is best described as being "non-partisan but not non-political" in their efforts to share the truth about agriculture.
What would be your favorite thing to do on date? Dinner and an outdoor concert...preferably one that encourages two-stepping.
Favorite activity off the farm? So many, but at the top of the list are traveling (annual trip to New Orleans is my favorite!) and weekends at the lake.
Favorite activity on the farm? Pretty simple - riding in the pickup looking at cattle. At the end of a long day grabbing a cold beer and driving through pastures is where it's at.
Favorite meal, and would you be cooking at home or going out? Nothing beats a steak grilled at home, but I love going out for sushi or Italian. Lets be real- going out means someone else does the dishes!

Follow Kristi on Instagram at @bkristi


  1. I can vouch for Kristi being a stellar, wonderful human :). Love this idea, Crystal!

  2. This is fun. Can we set up the two bachelors with the two bachelorettes?

  3. Wish these girls were closer, I have a very eligible brother who would have much in common with both of these ladies! :)

  4. KKB is one in a million. Any guy would be lucky to have her...and get to hang out with her awesome friends. 😉


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