Monday, March 23, 2015

Cows Take Baths Too

On our farm our cows get baths. Not all of them, but the ones that get shown at a sale or an event like the Iowa State Fair do. Part of the reason is they are purebred animals and have a registration paper just like a purebred dog would. In February we showed and sold two of our animal. A bull that was sold to another breeder. He'll go on a start breeding cows this spring. And a heifer that a young boy nought and he will continue to show her through the summer and fall. Then at around 24 months of age she'll have her first baby.

For Christmas the Boy got a GoPro and he decided to put it to use before sale day, and catch what bath time really looks like.

After we wash them, they get blown dry. If we leave them wet they could get sick, just like a kid going outside with wet hair. Got to keep our livestock happy and healthy!

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