Thursday, March 12, 2015

Turquoise Thursday: Spring Has Sprung

It is springtime in Iowa! Yes, technically it is not quite March 21. However, the sun has been shining for multiple days straight, we've got lots of baby Hereford calves on the ground and there is mud, so I know spring is almost here.

I have included a few essentials that are needed on any farm during the spring in this Turquoise Thursday. 

- A good hoodie is definitely necessary. The mornings are still cold, but the warm days don't require a winter jacket anymore. 

- Rubber boots are a definite necessity. I won't lie my rubber boots are NOT this fancy, however I think the cows would think these are cute. 

- A good hat or hair elastics (yes, I've been told I may be the only person to call a ponytail a hair elastic, maybe it the Canadian in me?) are very important. You never know when your husband is going to wake you up at 4 a.m. and tell you to get your but outside because a cow is calving. 

This situation happened recently when we had a cow calving and the calf was coming backwards. Calves should be born head first not butt first. The cow wasn't going to be able to push the baby's hips out on her own in this position so we had to help pull the calf. 

With a couple tugs this guys was welcomed to the world. He is now doing great, and outside enjoying the spring weather. 

What are your spring essentials? I'm headed to Oklahoma City for a yearly work trip next week. I am excited to be attending the largest youth livestock show, the Oklahoma Youth Expo. I am also excited to sneak some shopping in and chats with good friends!

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