Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turquoise Thursday: KEEP Collective Arm Party

Remember when I first through out the term #armparty? Well, I've discovered the ultimate arm party thanks to my friend Sharlene at Country Girl City Wife. She new that I love turquoise and share with me some of her favorite KEEP Collective bracelet designs.

Not only do I love the turquoise bracelet, but the "live your dream" bar is perfect. I've ordered a bar for myself that says "all things are possible." That is the great thing about KEEP Collective is that ever band is customizable with hundred of charms, letters, numbers and gemstones to choose from. 

KEEP Collective is actually a sister company to Stella & Dot, and as you can see they love turquoise as much as all your Crystal Cattle fans. I have recently become a KEEP Collective stylist, and would love to help design the perfect KEEP bracelet or necklace for you. Don't worry it isn't a requirement that it contains turquoise ;) And if you really want to have some some fun ask me about hosting an online social. That way you'll earn shopping credit towards your very own arm party! 

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