Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best Chocolate Milk in the World!

Happy milk loving lady. 
Attention guys and gals, Fairlife - thee most amazing milk in the world - finally showed up in our grocery store. I was almost jumping up and down in the aisle when I found it at our grocery store. What's so awesome about this milk? Well let me tell you.

1. It is ultra filtered. What does that mean? Fairlife runs their milk through one-of-a-kind filters. This allows them to remove lactose aka sugar, but keep all the good stuff in like protein and calcium. Therefore people that are lactose intolerant can drink this milk! The video at the bottom explains the process.

2. Remember that I said Fairlife keeps the protein in? So much protein that Fairlife is 50% higher in protein than regular milk. Beef and Fairlife milk are now my go to protein sources. I kind of like greek yogurt, too ;) 

3. The Fairlife milk lasts WAY longer. I have no idea why, but I bought my Fairlife yesterday (Sept 19) and the 2% is good until Nov 4. That is amazing for our family of two. We love milk, but I have lost count of the number of contains that have gone bad in our fridge because it wasn't drank fast enough. Since I travel for work so much it is hard to go through a container before the expiration date. Fairlife just solved my problem, and is going to save me some moo-la. 

3. TASTE! Holy cow this stuff tastes amazing. It definitely is richer and creamier than regular milk. The chocolate was so chocolatey that I actually cut it a bit with the 2%. I always thought Fairlife milk just sounded cool, but now I also know it tastes amazing. 

When you are shopping the dairy section of your grocery store make sure you take a look in the organic section. I do not purchase organic products because I know they are no safer or nutritious than regular products, however the Fairlife products were beside the organic stuff. (Fairlife isn't organic).

So the next time you are out doing a little grocery shopping check out Fairlife and give it a try. I think you are really going to like it! 

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  1. Yay! I love Fairlife milk as well and we were actually approached to start sending our milk to them! I am very excited about the opportunity because I love their milk!


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