Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mastering Your Schedule Tips from a Virtual Assistant

Ever feel like your schedule is out of control? Perhaps your productivity is way down because you are trying to juggle a million things. Like that work from home Zoom, home schooling and needing to cook dinner since we can't go out to eat now.

I am a terrible multitasker. For a long time I thought it was cool or beneficial to be good at it. Then I realized that multitasking really means that you aren't excelling in any areas. My friend Tara Titsworth is a virtual assistant and has learned how to make the most of each minute of the day through time blocking. If you are cringing at the thought of having your whole day scheduled Tara believes it has actually given her MORE flexibility.

This is a snapshot of what her schedule looks like. Tara puts EVERYTHING on the calendar. From coffee dates to drive time to the blocks that she will be working with her different virtual assistant clients it is all on there. Tara is pretty adamant that everything has to go on the calendar because she has found that if it doesn't get scheduled it doesn't get done.

Tara's Weekly Schedule

Now I also am a "timeblocker." But let's be clear my time blocked calendar looks more like a bunch of chicken scratch in a paper planner. Yet on the days that I sit down and plan out my day I get WAY more done. I promise giving time blocking is worth a shot.

On this Squad Life Episode Tara Shares:
  • how to effectively organize your day
  • how she overcame fears and launched her virtual assistant business
  • who should be using a virtual assistant

Tara has also graciously put together a sample time blocking worksheet that you can access here.

Tara's Favorites
IG: @tarasheatheva
Books: Girl Wash Your Face and Present Over Perfect 
Squad: Darcie at GreenBitesProject and @bemindfulmarketing
Make Up: Buxom Lip Gloss in White Russian

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