Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Squad Life: Ashley Alderson of Boutique Hub Growing by Serving

Ashley Alderson of the Boutique Hub has cultivated an incredible community that appreciates fashion, boutiques and small businesses. She is a huge proponent of showing up as your true self even if that means you look different from the people around you. Like all good entrepreneur's stories Ashley has had to learn valuable lessons including what it is like to almost lose your business when you put too much faith into someone else and don't listen to your gut. Whether you are boutique owner, small business owner or active in a community organization you'll be able to use Ashley's advice to help keeping pushing forward in these uncertain times. 

Ashley's Favorites:
Books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The One Thing 
Squad Members: Jessie Jarvis, Laura Benson - Filly Flair, Fashion Posse, Kelsey Darby - The Lace Cactus, Jocelyn McClellan
Make Up: It Cosmetics CC Cream

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