Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Most Wearable Lipstick Colors

To celebrate National Lipstick Day I am bringing you my updated ride or die lipstick colors. Many of the same colors made the list as last year, but I do have some fun updates. I split up my pick into: the only colors you'll ever need, glosses that I love and fun pops of color.

Details on my jewels here.

This grouping of lipsticks and the lip liner are all my MAC. Honestly I LOVE their lipsticks. They are super easy to wear, look amazing when you combine them with the lip liner or wear two of the three at the same time. These three really are my ride or die lip color.

1. MAC Soar: a pinkish brown lip liner that looks good with everything. I've also worn this lip liner with a lot of the glosses that I mention below. 2. MAC Snob: a light pink that is more on the girly side. 3. MAC Pink Plaid: I just realized this is discontinued. Sad face. 4. MAC Brave: I should have listed this one first. It is my all time favorite. Described as a pink-beige it looks good on everyone. 70% of the time this is the lipstick I am in. 

I am not a big gloss personal because they are normally so sticky. However, I will personally guarantee that these are not sticky. Remember glosses aren't going to have a lot of staying power. Layering a lip liner underneath will help, but you are likely going to have to reapply a lot. 

1. Laneige Glowy Balm: the perfect product for moisture and a tiny tint of color. 2. EVER Smooth Peptide Therapy: this product keeps selling out and for good reason. A bit of color, but more importantly you will fix chapped lips with Smooth. It is clinically proven to increase the appearance of lip volume and decrease fine lines. 3. EVER Rose Nude: a slight tingle and great over all of the MAC lipsticks. 4. EVER Cameo Nude: a slight tingle, one of the most unique colors I wear. It is the perfect gloss in the fall. 5. EVER Sunset Nude: a slight tingle nude metallic.

Bring on the color. If you are looking for a long wear lipstick remember that a liquid lipstick or matte is going to wear a lot longer. 

1. YSL 3 Rose Ink: A buildable lip stain. 2. EVER Pink Sapphire: long wearing deep pink. 3. Dollup Beauty Love: bright matte red. 4. Becca Flame: orangey red, super comfortable to wear. 5. EVER Glam: long wearing mauve nude. 6. MAC D is for Danger: matte deep berry red. 

What lipstick colors or brands am I missing out on? Come hang out in my Insider's Group and share your favorites. It is girl code to dish the details. 

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