Monday, July 29, 2019

My Ride of Die Lipsticks #NationalLipstickDay

It is a pretty close toss up between National Lipstick Day and National Donut Day as to which one is my favorite. Thankfully, wearing lipstick everyday won't make you gain one thousand pounds.

I LOVE lipstick. I can be rocking four day dry shampoo hair, gym shorts and sneakers covered in cow poop or walking into a boardroom and it is the one accessory that gives me an instant pick me up. I know a lot of women are intimated by all the choices. My biggest recommendation is go into a store and have a beauty consultant try on a few with you. For me it has to be long lasting. I also don't really care for glosses because 1. blowing hair stuck in lips isn't my thing and 2. it doesn't last.

I have broke my favorites into two categories. Let's get started!

Pinks and Nudes | These are great when you are wanting a more subtle look. One swipe of these lipsticks will help you pull everything together. 

1. Ever Soft Smooth Stick Soft Strawberry similar to a lip balm, more of a sheer cover. I am obsessed with this one. 2. MAC Snob 3. MAC Pink Plaid 4. MAC Brave a great neutral 5. Flower Tickled Pink an inexpensive option 6. MAC Pro Longwear Unlimited it is a retired shade but the one I'll be buried in. I have a stack of back ups! 

Bold Color | Sometimes you have to be brave and play with some color. 

I'm not a gloss until I found this gloss. It is not sticky and it actually has a great color to it.

Wearing the color Cameo Nude

Do you have a favorite shade or formula? I want to hear from you.

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