Friday, April 2, 2021

House of Colour Experience

If you have been following along on Instagram I have stopped talking about my House of Colour experience and for good reason. I can say with certainty it was one of the best things I have done for myself. Plus, it was SO much fun. 

Kylie an Autumn, myself a Spring, Addie a Winter

Ironically, having your "colors done" was quite popular in the 80s. However, House of Colours techniques are a little different than your grandma or mom's color party experience. The ultimate goal is for you to discover your season, learn about the 36 colors that are in your season and then identify which of those colors are your wow colors. 

My color analysis was done with House of Colour Consultant Amy Savage, and two other friends Addie and Kylie joined in at the same time. We first walked you through whether you look better in blue-based (cool colors) or yellow-based colors (warm colors). Winter and Summer seasons are blue-based and Spring and Autumn are yellow-based. It is important that you are bare-faced and your hair is covered if you color your hair to allow your true skin tone to interact with the colored drapes. 

As Amy draped her silks around my shoulders I quickly watched the color in my cheeks brighten, eyes sparkle, and the shadows under my eyes disappear when the correct color season was shown. On the flip side when colors were too cool or too warm the shadows on my face were harsher, I looked washed out and tired. 

The only difference between these two pictures is the addition of a lipstick and my wow color silks.

After Amy determined that I was a Spring we moved in my wow colors. These are Spring colors that I can wear head to toe. Other spring colors look best on me if I wear them as an accent or top or bottom only. Amy also showed me what makeup colors will truly complement my season. To my surprise, brown mascara is best for me, and although I was slightly skeptical after wearing brown mascara for the past week I can truly tell a difference.  

So what happens next. I left with a book of swatches that show all my colors to help me identify what pieces I should be adding or removing from my closet. Unfortunately, black on my personal favorites is not in my season. This doesn't mean that I can't ever wear black again, but if I truly want to put my best foot forward there are other colors I should reach for. Also, just because I am a Spring doesn't mean I need to look like an Easter egg. Rich chocolate browns, tans, cream and dove grey are all in my color wheel and serve as great neutrals for me. 

I can't recommend the color analysis enough. The process took about four hours for all three of us to go through it. It does have to be done in person because colors aren't always accurate online. Next, I would love to do the style analysis which can be done online. There are consultants all over the U.S. but I can't say enough good things about Amy from Johnston, Iowa. 

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