Friday, May 7, 2021

Iowa Best Burger Tour

This blog post was sponsored by the Iowa Beef Council. All opinions are my own. 

When you are a self-proclaimed foodie, and you get asked to try the best burgers in your state you instantly say yes! Each year Iowa Cattlemen's Association and Iowa Beef Council crown one restaurant as having the best burger in the Iowa. However, it is up to a secret group of individuals to taste test the Top 10 Burgers in Iowa. So while the secret judges were tasting and casting their votes I got to drive across the state and back and share my findings. 

My Top 3 Picks (in no particular order)

1. The Map Room, 416 3rd St. SE Cedar Rapids, IA
There is something about the seasoning that they use on their burgers that makes that beef flavor pop. The Map Room is a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that will surprise you with its internationally inspired burger recipes. Consider visiting on a Tuesday as once a month The Map Room participates in Cheeseburgers for Charity and donates 10% of their proceeds to a non-profit or fundraising effort. 

2. Bambinos, 102 N Lydia St., Ossian, IA
When small-town bar and hole in the wall collide you get Bambinos. You aren't going to find them on social media, but what you will find is the most AMAZING burger. So good that Bambinos ended up being named the 2021 Iowa's Best Burger. Sue, the cook and co-owner, has a heart of gold and is a true scratch-cook. We are already planning on making a trip back and getting in some golf at the Silver Springs Golf Course while in town. 

3. The Saucy Foccacia, 5100 Foundations Dr. NE #100, Cedar Rapids, IA
Eastern Iowa really brought it with their burgers! What started as a food truck has grown into two Cedar Rapids locations. Their burger has been named a Top 10 Best Burger five different years and I could taste why. I LOVED the buns they use for their burgers and they were so juicy without being greasy. You'll also want to grab some of their pickle fries. 

On our tour, I thought a lot about how hard these small business owners have worked to stay afloat this past year. Each day they work to grow their business by serving a product that my husband and I raise. Whether you order a burger from a restaurant like these or a fast-food joint, buy beef at a grocery store or directly from a farmer you support the beef industry and that means supporting farms like us

You can see a complete list of the 2021 Top 10 Burgers here. And if you want more behind the scenes of my tour make sure you check out my Burger Highlight on IG. Don't forget to follow @IowaBeefCouncil so you can have the opportunity to nominate your favorite burger joint for the 2022 Iowa's Best Burger Contest. 

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