Friday, April 27, 2012

Conversations with the Boy about Cats

Here kitty, kitty. 

A recent conversation with the Boy about my want for a cat. Just a barn cat. Such a simple request. Especially when they are this adorable. 

Me: Good morning! Love you. Can we keep it? 
The Boy: If it was a puppy yes. 
Me: We can name it puppy!
The Boy: Good joke

Side conversation:
The Boy: There is no TV and no xm in the tractor today. I have to farm like our grandparents use to. 

Me: If you had a kitten named puppy it could keep you company in the tractor. 
The Boy: I have you and Skye (current dog). That is all I need. (Everyone say awe now).

Needless to say I did not get the kitten. I found the whole batch of them while staying with some friends of mine on a work trip. The Boy is very allergic to cats, so I don't see too many in our future. However, I am convinced that there will be a least one barn cat in our future. And luckily I'll be saying with these wonderful friends in a couple weeks so I can visit my new friend. 

Hope you and your family are having a great week. I've been on the road for work again, the Boy has been planting and I promise that my Watching the Corn Grow series will start back up next week. 


  1. Our daughter is a cat person, too, but her boyfriend is allergic to them. The boyfriend has won for eight years. We will know the boyfriend is out of her life if/when the cat arrives. ;)

    1. a barn cat acan do so much good with the rodent problem and taking care of snakes, it would be considered a working cat right?

  2. I think I would have just kept it... he can just refrain from petting it! Barn cats are totally different than house pets ;)

  3. We're cat people.
    Safe traveling and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am allergic to cats, badly. Asthma attacks, hives. I now have a HOUSE CAT 38 years after my first major attack.

    Outdoor cats will not bother the boy no matter what he says unless he's snuggling with them. And even then there is Claritan. When I have a slight flare up (usually eyes) it takes it away right away. And usually I have that because I am rubbing my face into her coat, something I never would have done before.

    If you do get a cat, please spay/neuter it! :)


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