Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding: Let's Talk about Shoes

Put on your dancing shoes. 

Why are wedding shoes so important? I mean no one actually sees them until you kick up your feet on the dance floor to Footloose. Maybe it is because they are one of the wedding accessories you can actually wear again?

I had a hard time picking out what I would wear. I knew I wanted heels for church, and the boots for the dinner and dance so that I could do just that - dance the night away. I was really set on blue shoes for awhile. 

These Royal Blue Wedding Shoes from Nina in particular, but they were pretty high and I was worried that my hem would be too long once I put my boots on. All my bridesmaids were going to wear nude colored shoes, so with a last minute shopping trip in Oklahoma City and spotting these Nine West Nude Pumps my decision was made. 

Even bigger score... these shoes were on sale and are super comfortable. I also wore them at the rehearsal dinner and I took them with me on our honeymoon. 

Photo by La Brisa Photography
The girls also came with a selection of awesome shoes. I'm trying to remember where everyone got their's from. I know two sets came from Target similar to these ones. The third ones in were my sister's and she got those at Aldo a few years ago. 

However, as I said I really wanted to buy a nice pair of boots for the wedding. I had been dreaming about a certain pair of Turquoise Old Gringos Cowboy Boots that I had been seeing all over on Pinterest. Just before Christmas while visiting the Boy's sister in Fort Worth we walked into a store called Mavericks and there they were. There was no way I was walking out of that store without those boots. I was ready to scoop them up, when the Boy said you know I don't have your Christmas present bought yet. Bing. Problem solved. 

My heels and boots made a nice pair.
However, I wasn't the only one that had boots with me as I asked all my bridesmaids to bring their boots along for a fun picture.

From left to right. Kristi - a great friend who introduced the Boy and I, Dana - a great friend who I met through the Angus business, Stacy - my sister, me, Abby - another friend from the cattle business, Jaci - the Boy's sister and now min,e too!
Aren't they a smart looking group of girls! With their boots they are all wearing part of their bridesmaid gifts. Men's black button ups that we had embroidered with there initials. The before the rehearsal dinner you could help my brain was turning to mush as I could figured out whose shirt was cBd - oh right those were going to be my new initials! Their boots are from Corral and Ferrini. 

What were your wedding shoes like? Do you still have them today?


  1. Those boots are awesome! I wore mine for our whole wedding but we had the wedding outside. Your wedding pictures are amazing.

  2. Your boots are beautiful! I got a steal from Nine West too, and they are so comfy! But I also wore boots at the reception and dance!!!

  3. I love those Nine West shoes...I have them too and they ARE very comfy and stylish...AND you can wear them with practically everything! Love the boots and I really love the pic of you and all your bridesmaids!!!

  4. I too am a huge fan of Nine West, and have a hard time passing up a pair of their point-toe pumps. You're boots are too cute. I have my eye on a pair of Old Gringo's myself, which I hope will show up at an upcoming birthday or xmas :)

  5. I didn't where the boots to the wedding, but they were with us on the honeymoon. I wanted a pair of colorful pumps I could wear again, however I ran out of time looking for that "one" pair. My wedding shoes were white, strappy and very pretty! I loved them. I am now on the prowl for a new pair of cowboy boots for offic work and play. Gringos would be lovely!

  6. I have been loving those boots - how awesome that you got them and can now remember and wear your wedding shoes for years

  7. I too had the whole issue over wedding shoes. I knew that I wanted to be comfortable and that I didn't want high heels since I had to walk in the grass. I found a pair of Kate Spade shoes, kitten heels that I loved. They were on backorder. I ended up doing the blue shoes from Steve Madden. They were cute flats and I was really happy with my decision. They are preserved with wedding dress because the girls signed the bottoms.

  8. I wore Old Gringo Elvis boots, that were black w/white Eagles...Absolutely LOVED them...Still wear them today...all the time!!!

  9. My shoes were my black Air Force low quarters. I do not have them today. ;o)

    Congratulations on finding your wedding shoes! And Congratulations and many blessings to you all. ♥

  10. Your boots R*O*C*K! I love them.

    I actually wore boots with my dress...back in the day....(ahem)nearly 18 years ago, ropers were the boots to have and I had many pair...but I "borrowed" a pair of off white ropers...went perfect with my mom's wedding dress I was sporting! It was so nice for my feet to not hurt for the day!

  11. I always vote for comfortable shoes - stylish, but comfy, too. :)

  12. LOVE IT!!! Fabulous pictures and gorgeous shoes and boots!!! And LOVE that bridesmaid pic and gift idea!!! Can't wait for more!!!

  13. We are glad you love the boot from our store! They look great with your heels!


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