Friday, April 6, 2012

Any one love Tim Horton's?

The Canadian Coffee Shop

Tim Horton's is the Starbuck's of Canada. However, they aren't only know for their coffee treats, but also their baked good, and delicious soups and sandwiches. I don't like coffee, at all, but I do love soup. Thus, whenever I am home I also asked my family if we can make a stop. 

Thanks to Twitter friend Drew Bender I came across this Tim Horton's video that talks about the companies Animal Welfare Policies, which I find very interesting.

One of the opening statements really struck a cord with me.

Tim Horton's wants their animal welfare program to be balanced, long-term, realistic and sustainable. To me balanced means combining science, consumer wants, and farmer's insight. I like long-term because as a farmer I am commitment today, tomorrow and in the future to our animal's care. Realistic is a really important one for me. There are a lot of things that we or the consumer may want, but are they realistic resource wise, financially and in what amount of time will they take to accomplish. Finally, sustainable. To me sustainable is hard to define, but I do think part of it has to do with making sure both farms stick around and businesses can stay in business.

Do you ever look into a company's animal welfare policies before making your busying decision? Or are you just happy that there are companies that are taking these steps. 

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  1. This video was recently making the rounds among my fellow Canadian ag tweeps. Great video by Tim Hortons!


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