Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beauty: Miracle Worker Moisturizer

A couple weeks ago we had a good blog discussion about one of my favorite long wear lipsticks. On my Facebook page the question came up about moisturizers.

Quick story before I tell you about my new favorite.

Awhile back the Boy and I were having hectic night. I made a deal with him I would take care of supper if he could run to Walmart for me and pick up a few things before I headed out on another trip. Those things included a few groceries and an adventure into the beauty aisle to pick up some moisturizer for me. At the time I was using one of the Regenerist Olay moisturizers.

Upon arriving back from the store the Boy claimed I can't believe you use that stuff. I was curious as to why this was his reaction. "You use anti-aging stuff? Isn't that unfair to the ladies that need it. If you are already using this stuff at your age you won't ever age!"

This is how men think.

Now back to my new moisturizer of choice. This spring my old Olay standby wasn't working. I was having a combination of dry skin, redness and breakouts. It was time for a change. While I was in Ulta (Iowa's version of Sephora) I noticed the Philosophy Miracle Maker sample size in the checkout line. I figured that I would give it a shot since the reviews I had seen online were pretty positive. The results - I love it.

The moisturizer feels heavy when it goes on, but absorbs extremely quickly and isn't oily. My skin feels great, and although I don't know if it is preventing age from creeping in it doesn't seem to hurt. I can definitely tell a difference when I'm traveling and forgot it at home.

I have now gone through two regular size (2 oz.) jars since my sample purchase. Although, it is a little more expensive initially it seems to last a lot longer that what was in the Olay container.

What is your favorite moisturizer? And where do you love to shop for your beauty products. Walking into a Sephora requires a lot of self control from me!


  1. I'm also a farm girl & love makeup. :) Even the closest Ulta from where I live is 1.5 hours and Sephora is about 2.5 hours. So ya it's safe to say the UPS?Fedex guys no me well too :) The joys of living in small town Iowa ;)

    1. Ok, I am not going to feel so bad for myself because the closest Ulta is an hour and, and Sephora just over an hour. However, like you the the UPS/Fedex man knows me well!

  2. I swear by a good moisturizer. You can never start too early with anti aging. Poor Jon has a lot to learn! :) I'm a Clinique girl and use Moisture Surge & Youth Surge. YS is age decelerating plus SPF.

  3. You can never begin excessively early with against maturing. Poor Jon has a mess to study! Thanks for the tip, I need to get some saturating creams when. Refined water or flower water which is really advantageous to make your face more smoother and softer.
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