Thursday, October 31, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: Outerwear

Anyone else think this fall has been a little odd. Yes, we have had some cold days, and yes we did get a little bit of snow already (it melted quickly), but other than that it has been pretty darn warm. The other week I made my very first trip to North Dakota. I made sure I unpacked a few of my winter things, only to discover that it was much warmer in North Dakota those days than in Iowa.

Turquoise Outerwear

I find the easiest way to add some cheeriness to a winer wardrobe is a little pop of color. And what better color to select than turquoise. 

Now this is a lot of turquoise, but this Turquoise Peacoat from J.Crew would brighten up anyone's day. 

I also really like this turquoise fleece jacket by North Face. 

The turquoise puffy vest by North Face would be perfect for layering, and would be a piece that could be worn through the Fall, Winter and Spring. 

Are you ready for winter? Are you the kind of girl that buys a new winter jacket every year or just new gloves because you can only find one of the pair! 


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