Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beauty: Stila Long Wear Lipstick

Over the past couple of  years I have developed a love for bright colored lipstick. The problem is lipstick doesn't stick to my lips. I can use primer, lipliner, all the trick and it just wears off. However, that is when I discovered two of my favorite long-wear lipsticks Stila Long Wear Lip Color, and Mac Pro Long Wear (we'll talk about that one another day).

This was a candid photo the Boy snapped of me at one of our cattle sales. We were just gooding around, but I love the picture. 

Reasons I love Stila Long Wear Lip Color:

1. Great color: Intriguing is my favorite. It is a bright bold hot pink. If you are wanting a neon pink go with Exhilarating. 
2. Staying Power: This lipstick lasts. All day. Through food, smooches, working on the cattle, you name it this stuff lasts. 
3. Non-drying: I also really like the matte finish of this lip color. However, it definitely isn't drying. 

Now the bad news... Stila discounted this lipstick! I thought I was going to cry when I couldn't track it down on Sephora anymore. However, this week after some searching I found that Beauty.com still has some in stock. 

What is your favorite long wear lipstick? Have you learned any tricks over the years to keep your make-up in place? 


  1. I love Kat Von D's lipsticks - they seem to stay in place pretty well & don't come off on everything!

  2. You know my make-up choices better than most Crystal, I'm a Mac girl. Similar coloring to you. :) I will try the Stila though and order quick!

    1. Katie, I think you will really like this color.

  3. I never realized how similar picking out a lipstick is to picking out paint. Hmm, I guess Mars and Venus aren't all that far apart :-)

    1. LOL, I never thought of it that way Colby!


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