Thursday, November 7, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: HMK and the Most Beautiful Notecards

Each year because of work I get to take a trip to the American Royal for the livestock show. During the day I get to visit with current and potential customers about their feeding programs, watch the judges select their Grand Champions and catch up with good friends from across the country.

The nights however are filled with trips to the Plaza shopping district for MAC Make-Up, H&M and a new favorite HMK. (OK maybe it was only one night but it reminded me why I love Kansas City and its shopping). Lipstick and cows go together in my world. 

I was about ready to head home when I spotted a store I hadn't seen before by the Apple Store called HMK. It was a boutique style store with the most gorgeous wrapping paper, cards and stationery you have ever seen. They also had lots of fun jewelry and handbags at all different price points, and a cute selection of children's wear and gift. 

It was on of those boutiques that you knew as soon as you walked in you were walking out with something. My heart settled on these.

Notecards by waste not paper

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures in the store but they had a whole selection of these gorgeous turquoise and gold leaf note cards with accents of lime green, navy & purple. These are definitely going to be special occasion note cards. 

After visiting with a couple of the sales ladies they informed me that HMK is actually a concept store for Hallmark. We also talked about Turquoise Thursday and my cows so if you are reading hello ladies! Hopefully Hallmark takes this concept nationwide (or maybe just to Cedar Falls, IA). 


  1. Very nice looking note cards. :) I use note cards often. I still believe in hand written thank you notes. I am always on the lookout for cute cards and note paper.

  2. I love the plaza! When I go to KC for work, they always have us stay there and I never complain. ;) I'm not a big shopper, but the stores there just make it so fun. Love your new note cards.

    1. Lucky girl. The Plaza is also awesome for people watching as I assume you have figured out. So many people from different walks of life, gathered in one location.


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