Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: It's a new Crystal Cattle

Today's Turquoise Thursday is about this new look. Did you notice ;) I am not sure if it is turquoise enough for me, and there are a few hiccups I am still working work. However, overall I am liking the new look, and I think it is a good representation of Crystal Cattle.

But, since you come to the blog to get your turquoise fix I'll give you a little turquoise from one of my favorite blog House of Turquoise. Yes, a full blog dedicated to turquoise everyday! I am in love with this ottoman.

And don't forget you only have a few more days to sign up for the Holiday Beauty Swap!


  1. Hi Crystal! I love your blog, coming from a farm girl in Saskatchewan!
    I am wondering the source of this photo and if you could find out where the sectional and ottoman are from?

    1. Maureen, thanks for stopping by the blog. I always love meeting new Canadian girls. If you click on the House of Turquoise link in the blog post it gives some more information about the ottoman. Good luck on your hunt!


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